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No Title Year Author Type
1 Self-management of chronic conditions in a rural and remote context 2015 Sav, A. King, M.A. Kelly, F. McMillan, S.S. Kendall, E. Whitty, J.A. Wheeler, A.J. Journal article
2 The COPD-X plan: Australian and New Zealand guidelines for the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 2015 Lung Foundation Australia Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand Report
3 Effect of a family-centered, secondhand smoke intervention to reduce respiratory illness in Indigenous infants in Australia and New Zealand: a randomized controlled trial 2015 Walker, N. Johnston, V. Glover, M. Bullen, C. Trenholme, A. Chang, A. Morris, P. Segan, C. Brown, N. Fenton, D. Hawthorne, E. Borland, R. Parag, V, Von Blaramberg,T. Westphal, D. Thomas, D. Journal article
4 Australian and New Zealand Indigenous mothers' report respect for smoking bans in homes 2015 Glover, M. Kira, A. Johnston, V. Walker, N. Brown, N. Thomas, D. Journal article
5 An outbreak of influenza A (H1N1) virus in a remote Aboriginal community post-pandemic: implications for pandemic planning and health service policy 2015 Chidgzey, P.J. Davis, S. Williams, P. Reeve, C. Journal article
6 Chronic suppurative lung disease and bronchiectasis in children and adults in Australia and New Zealand Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand guidelines 2015 Chang, A.B. Bell, S.C. Torzillo, P.J. King, P.T. Maguire, G.P. Byrnes, C.A. Holland, A.E. O’Mara, P. Grimwood, K. Journal article
7 Fifty years of immunisation in Australia (1964-2014): the increasing opportunity to prevent diseases 2015 Royle, J. Lambert, S.B. Journal article
8 Prevalence of airflow obstruction and reduced forced vital capacity in an Aboriginal Australian population: the cross-sectional BOLD study 2015 Cooksley, N.A. Atkinson, D. Marks, G.B. Toelle, B.G. Reeve, D. Johns, D.P. Abramson, M.J. Burton, D.L. James, A.L. Wood-Baker, R. Walters, E.H. Buist, A.S. Maguire, G.P. Journal article
9 Toward making inroads in reducing the disparity of lung health in Australian indigenous and new zealand māori children 2015 Chang, A.B. Marsh, R.L. Upham, J.W. Hoffman, L.R. Smith-Vaughan, H. Holt, D. Toombs, M. Byrnes, C. Yerkovich, S.T. Torzillo, P.J. O'Grady, K.A. Grimwood, K. Online journal article
10 Koori health counts! 2012-13 2015 Department of Health Victoria Report
Last updated: 31 March 2015
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