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No Title Year Author Type
1 Connecting tracks: exploring the roles of an Aboriginal womens cancer support network 2016 Cuesta-Briand, B. Bessarab, D. Shahid, S. Thompson, S.C. Journal article
2 'It puts a human face on the researched' – a qualitative evaluation of an Indigenous health research governance model 2016 Bond, C. Foley, W. Askew, D. Journal article
3 Expressions of shame in investigative interviews with Australian Aboriginal children 2016 Hamilton, G. Brubacher, S.P. Powell, M.B. Journal article
4 'We're checking them out': Indigenous and non-Indigenous research participants' accounts of deciding to be involved in research 2016 Guillemin, M. Gillam, L. Barnard, E. Stewart, P. Walker, H. Rosenthal, D. Online journal article
5 Assessment of treatment fidelity considered in relation to mindfulness based cognitive therapy and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander mental health initiative motivational care planning 2016 Prowse, P.D. Thesis
6 Does evidence influence policy? Resource allocation and the Indigenous Burden of Disease study 2016 Doran, C.M. Ling, R. Searles, A. Hill, P. Journal article
7 Deep roots for Aboriginal Australian Y chromosomes 2016 Bergström, A. Nagle, N. Chen, Y. McCarthy, S. Pollard, M.O. Ayub, Q. Wilcox, S. Wilcox, L. van Oorschot, R.A. McAllister, P. Williams, L. Xue, Y. Mitchell, R.J. Tyler-Smith, C. Journal article
8 The Gudaga Research Program: a case study in undertaking research with an urban Aboriginal community 2016 Comino, E.J. Knight, J. Grace, R. Kemp, L. Wright, D.C. Journal article
9 The effectiveness of implementation in Indigenous Australian healthcare: an overview of literature reviews 2016 McCalman, J. Bainbridge, R. Percival, N. Tsey, K. Online journal article
10 Overview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status 2015 2016 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Report
11 Creating safety to explore: Strengthening innovation in an Australian Indigenous primary health care setting through developmental evaluation 2016 Togni, S. Askew, D. Rogers, L. Potter, N. Egert, S. Hayman, N. Cass, A. Brown, A. Book section
12 A cross-cultural research experience: developing an appropriate methodology that respectfully incorporates both Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge systems 2016 Goulding, D. Steels, B. McGarty, C. Journal article
13 A journey toward cultural competence: the role of researcher reflexivity in Indigenous research 2016 Nilson, C. Journal article
14 Reference genotype and exome data from an Australian Aboriginal population for health-based research 2016 Tang, D. Anderson, D. Francis, R.W. Syn, G. Jamieson, S.E. Lassmann, T. Blackwell, J.M. Online journal article
15 Using theory to improve low back pain care in Australian Aboriginal primary care: a mixed method single cohort pilot study 2016 Lin, I.B. Coffin, J. O'Sullivan, P.B. Online journal article
16 Indigenous care leavers in Victoria: final report 2016 Mendes, P. Saunders, B. Baidawi, S. Report
17 Building better research partnerships by understanding how Aboriginal health communities perceive and use data: a semistructured interview study 2016 Young, C. Tong, A. Sherriff, S. Kalucy, D. Fernando, P. Muthayya, S. Craig, J.C. Online journal article
18 Cultural capacity and development; the case for flexible, interdisciplinary research in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities 2016 Osborne, S. Journal article
19 Toward a positive psychology of Indigenous thriving and reciprocal research partnership model 2016 Craven, R.G. Ryan, R.M. Mooney, J. Vallerand, R.J. Dillon, A. Blacklock, F. Magson, N. Journal article
20 System level action required for wide-scale improvement in quality of primary health care: synthesis of feedback from an interactive process to promote dissemination and use of aggregated quality of care data 2016 Bailie, J. Laycock, A. Matthews, V. Bailie, R. Journal article
Last updated: 7 December 2016
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