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No Title Year Author Type
1 Increasing Pap smear rates at an urban Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service through translational research and continuous quality improvement 2015 Dorrington, M.S. Herceg, A. Douglas, K. Tongs, J. Bookallil, M. Journal article
2 Policy context and narrative leading to the commissioning of the Australian Indigenous burden of disease study 2015 Botfield, J.R. Zwi, A.B. Hill, P.S. Online journal article
3 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community governance of health research: turning principles into practice 2015 Gwynn, J. Lock, M. Turner, N. Dennison, R. Coleman, C. Kelly, B. Wiggers, J. Journal article
4 Ethical research in Indigenous contexts and the practical implementation of it 2015 Gower, G. Thesis
5 Decolonising social work research: learning from critical Indigenous approaches 2015 Rowe, S. Baldry, E. Earles, W. Journal article
6 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health organisations: online services report - key results 2013-14 2015 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
7 Principles relevant to health research among Indigenous communities 2015 O'Donahoo, F.J. Ross, K.E. Journal article
8 Culturally appropriate methodology in obtaining a representative sample of South Australian Aboriginal adults for a cross-sectional population health study: challenges and resolutions 2015 Marin, T. Taylor, A.W. Grande, E.D. Avery, J. Tucker, G. Morey, K. Online journal article
9 “Yarning” as a method for community-based health research with Indigenous women: the Indigenous Women's Wellness Research program 2014 Walker, M. Fredericks, B. Mills, K. Anderson, D. Journal article
10 Polyandric acid A, a clerodane diterpenoid from the Australian medicinal plant dodonaea polyandra, attenuates pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion in vitro and in vivo 2014 Simpson, B.S. Luo, X. Costabile, M. Caughey, G.E. Wang, J. Claudie, D.J. McKinnon, R.A. Semple, S.J. Journal article
Last updated: 30 May 2015
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