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Kidney health
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1 Development of a single-frequency bioimpedance prediction equation for fat-free mass in an adult Indigenous Australian population 2015 Hughes, J.T. Maple-Brown, L.J. Piers, L.S. Meerkin, J. O'Dea, K. Ward, L.C. Journal article
2 The perspectives of Aboriginal patients and their health care providers on improving the quality of hemodialysis services: a qualitative study 2015 Rix, E.F. Barclay, L. Stirling, J. Tong, A. Wilson, S. Journal article
3 Adding measures of body composition to the CKD-EPI GFR estimating equation in Indigenous Australians: the eGFR Study 2015 Maple-Brown, L. Hughes,J.T. Chatfield, M.D. Ward, L.C. Piers, L.S. Jones, G.R.D. Lawton, P.D. Ellis, A.G. Cass, A. Hoy, W.E. O'Dea, K. MacIsaac, R.J. Jerums, G. Journal article
4 Patients' adherence to aspects of haemodialysis regimens in tropical north Queensland, Australia 2015 Smyth, W. Hartig, V. Hayes, M. Manickam, V. Journal article
5 Survival of Indigenous Australians receiving renal replacement therapy: closing the gap? 2015 Lawton, P.D. Cunningham, J. Zhao, Y. Gray, N.A. Chatfield, M.D. Baade, P.D. Murali, K. Jose, M.D. Journal article
6 Kidney disease resources 2014 Kidney Health Australia Electronic source
7 Online remote primary health care manuals 2014 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Electronic source
8 Health promotion in Australian multi-disciplinary primary health care services: case studies from South Australia and the Northern Territory 2014 Baum, F. Freeman, T. Jolley, G. Lawless, A. Bentley, M. Värttö, K. Boffa, J. Labonte, R. Sanders, D. Journal article
9 Racial disparities in paediatric kidney transplantation 2014 Grace, B.S. Kennedy, S.E. Clayton, P.A. McDonald, S.P. Journal article
10 Does relative remoteness affect chronic disease outcomes? Geographic variation in chronic disease mortality in Australia, 2002–2006 2014 Chondur, R. Li, S.Q. Guthridge, S. Lawton, P. Journal article
Last updated: 3 March 2015
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