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1 Prostate cancer mortality outcomes and patterns of primary treatment for Aboriginal men in New South Wales, Australia 2015 Rodger, J.C. Supramaniam, R. Gibberd, A.J. Smith, D.P. Armstrong, B.K. Dillon, A. O'Connell, D.L. Journal article
2 Ten years of trauma in the 'Top End' of the Northern Territory, Australia: a retrospective analysis 2015 Gowing, C.J. McDermott, K.M. Ward, L.M. Martin, B.L. Journal article
3 Barriers and facilitators of sexually transmissible infection testing in remote Australian Aboriginal communities: results from the Sexually Transmitted Infections in Remote Communities, Improved and Enhanced Primary Health Care (STRIVE) study 2015 Hengel, B. Guy, R. Garton, L. Ward, J. Rumbold, A. Taylor-Thomson, D. Silver, B. McGregor, S. Dyda, A. Knox, J. Kaldor, J. Maher, L. Journal article
4 Risk assessment and Western Australian male aboriginal sexual and violent offenders 2015 Burner-Fernie, D. Thesis
5 Ecological model of Australian Indigenous men’s health 2015 McCabe, M.P. Mellor, D. Ricciardelli, L.A. Mussap, A.J. Hallford, D.J. Journal article
6 The West Australian Indigenous storybook: celebrating and sharing good news stories: the Gascoyne edition 2015 Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA Book
7 'There is always a brighter future'. Keeping Indigenous kids in the community and out of detention in Western Australia 2015 Amnesty International Australia Report
8 Submission to the Royal Commission into family violence 2015 Melbourne Citymission Report
9 Attitudes and beliefs about sexual violence held by professional Aboriginal women in Perth, Western Australia 2015 McGlynn, J.A. Thesis
10 Injury prevention in Western Australia: a review of statewide activity for selected injury areas 2015 Walker, N. Stoneham, M. Sullivan, D. Davison, E. Milner, R. Report
Last updated: 25 November 2015
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