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Overweight and obesity
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No Title Year Author Type
1 Children's headline indicators [interactive data portal] 2016 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Electronic source
2 The effect of nutrition education on nutrition-related health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: a systematic review 2016 Schembri, L. Curran, J. Collins, L. Pelinovskaia, M. Bell, H. Richardson, C. Palermo, C. Journal article
3 Hypertension: high prevalence and a positive association with obesity among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in far north Queensland 2016 Esler, D. Raulli, A. Pratt, R. Fagan, P. Journal article
4 Childhood metabolic syndrome, inflammation and carotid intima-media thickness. The Aboriginal Birth Cohort Study 2016 Juonala, M. Singh, G.R. Davison, B. van Schilfgaarde, K. Skilton, M.R. Sabin, M.A. Cheung, M. Sayers, S. Burgner, D.P. Journal article
5 Obstructive sleep apnoea in children with obesity 2016 Kassim, R. Harris, M.A. Leong, G.M. Heussler, H. Journal article
6 Report on government services 2016, volume E: Health 2016 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
7 Indigenous birth outcomes at a Victorian urban hospital, a retrospective 5-year cohort study 2010–2014 2016 Whish-Wilson, T. Tacey, M. McCarthy, E. Howat, P. Journal article
8 Determinants and gaps in preventive care delivery for Indigenous Australians: a cross-sectional analysis 2016 Bailie, C. Matthews, V. Bailie, J. Burgess, P. Copley, K. Kennedy, C. Moore, L. Larkins, S. Thompson, S. Bailie, R.S. Online journal article
9 Risk factors for stillbirth in a socio-economically disadvantaged urban Australian population 2016 de Graaff, E.C. Wijs, L.A. Leemaqz, S. Dekker, G.A. Journal article
10 Overview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status 2015 2016 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Report
11 The differential effect of socioeconomic status, birth weight and gender on body mass index in Australian Aboriginal children 2016 Kim, S. Macaskill, P. Baur, L.A. Hodson, E.M. Daylight, J. Williams, R. Kearns, R. Vukasin, N. Lyle, D.M. Craig, J.C. Journal article
12 Dietary intakes and anthropometric measures of Indigenous Australian women and their infants in the Gomeroi gaaynggal cohort 2016 Ashman, A.M. Collins, C.E. Weatherall, L.J. Keogh, L. Brown, L.J. Rollo, M.E. Smith, R. Rae, K.M. Journal article
13 Indigenous obesity in the news: a media analysis of news representation of obesity in Australia's Indigenous population 2016 Islam, S. Fitzgerald, L. Online journal article
14 Body mass index and waist circumference as predictors of all-cause mortality in an Aboriginal Australian community 2016 Adegbija, O. Hoy, W.E. Dong, B. Wang, Z. Journal article
15 Cardiovascular disease risk in young Indigenous Australians: a snapshot of current preventive health care 2016 Crinall, B. Boyle, J. Gibson-Helm, M. Esler, D. Larkins, S. Bailie, R. Journal article
16 Australia's health tracker 2016 Tolhurst, P. Lindberg, R. Calder, R. Dunbar, J. de Courten, M. Report
17 Australia's health tracker: technical appendix 2016 Tolhurst, P. Lindberg, R. Calder, R. Dunbar, J. de Courten, M. Report
18 Obstructive sleep apnoea in obese Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children [letter] 2016 Banda, C. Journal article
19 Reply to obstructive sleep apnoea in obese aboriginal and torres strait islander children [letter] 2016 Kassim, R. Harris, M-A. Leong, G.M. Heussler, H. Journal article
20 Personality and body-mass-index in school-age children: an exploration of mediating and moderating variables 2016 Allen, M.S. Vella, S.A. Online journal article
Last updated: 20 October 2016
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