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No Title Year Author Type
1 Ecological model of Australian Indigenous men’s health 2016 McCabe, M.P. Mellor, D. Ricciardelli, L.A. Mussap, A.J. Hallford, D.J. Journal article
2 Bundap Marram Durn Durn: engagement with Aboriginal women experiencing comorbid chronic physical and mental health conditions 2016 Jobling, K. Lau, P. Kerr, D. Higgins, R.O. Worcester, M.U. Angus, L. Jackson, A.C. Murphy, B.M. Journal article
3 The recording of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status in general practice clinical records: a cross-sectional study 2016 Thomson, A. Morgan, S. O'Mara, P. Tapley, A. Henderson, K. van Driel, M. Oldmeadow, C. Ball, J. Scott, J. Spike, N. McArthur, L. Magin, P. Journal article
4 Improving the identification of priority populations to increase hepatitis B testing rates, 2012 2016 van Gemert, C. Wang, J. Simmons, J. Cowie, B. Boyle, D. Stoove, M. Enright, C. Hellard, M. Online journal article
5 Indigenous birth outcomes at a Victorian urban hospital, a retrospective 5-year cohort study 2010–2014 2016 Whish-Wilson, T. Tacey, M. McCarthy, E. Howat, P. Journal article
6 Closing the Gap in North Western Melbourne PHN: information paper 2016 North Western Melbourne PHN Report
7 Exploring Aboriginal patients’ experiences of cardiac care at a major metropolitan hospital in Melbourne 2016 Worrall-Carter, L. Daws, K. Rahman, M.A. MacLean, S. Rowley, K. Andrews, S. MacIsaac, A. Lau, P.M. McEvedy, S. Willis, J. Arabena, K. Journal article
8 Family and country: accounting for fractured connections under colonisation in Victoria, Australia 2016 McCalman, J. Smith, L. Journal article
9 Housing and Indigenous people living with a disability: lived experiences of housing and community infrastructure 2016 Grant, E. Zillante, G. Tually, S. Chong, A. Srivastava, A. Lester, L. Beilby, J. Beer, A. Report
10 Royal Commission into Family Violence summary and recommendations 2016 Royal Commission into Family Violence Report
11 Assessing gambling-related harm in Victoria: a public health perspective 2016 Browne, M. Langham, E. Rawat, V. Greer, N. Li, E. Rose, J. Rockloff, M. Donaldson, P. Thorne, H. Goodwin, B. Bryden, G. Best, T. Report
12 Resilience and recovery from trauma among Aboriginal help seeking clients in an urban Aboriginal community controlled organisation 2016 Gee, G.J. Thesis
13 Indigenous care leavers in Victoria: final report 2016 Mendes, P. Saunders, B. Baidawi, S. Report
14 The complexities of cultural support planning for Indigenous children in and leaving out-of-home care: the views of service providers in Victoria, Australia 2016 Baidawi, S. Mendes, P. Saunders, B.J. Journal article
15 Health workers’ views of help seeking and suicide among Aboriginal people in rural Victoria 2016 Isaacs, A.N. Sutton, K. Hearn, S. Wanganeen, G. Dudgeon, P. Journal article
16 Improving Aboriginal health and wellbeing: VCOSS submission to the strategic plan discussion guide 2016 Victorian Council of Social Service Report
17 The Jekkora group: an Aboriginal model of early identification, and support of persons with psychological distress and suicidal ideation in rural communities 2016 Hearn, S. Wanganeen, G. Sutton, K. Isaacs, A. Journal article
18 An Aboriginal youth suicide prevention project in rural Victoria 2016 Isaacs, A. Sutton, K. Journal article
19 Perils of place: identifying hotspots of health inequalities 2016 Duckett, S. Griffiths, K. Report
20 Victorian cancer plan 2016-2020: improving cancer outcomes for all Victorians 2016 Victorian Department of Health and Human Services Report
Last updated: 3 December 2016
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