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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

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No Title Year Author Type
1 Sociodemographic disparities in survival from colorectal cancer in South Australia: a population-wide data linkage study 2016 Beckmann, K.R. Bennett, A. Young, G.P. Cole, S.R. Joshi, R. Adams, J. Singhal, N. Karapetis, C. Wattchow, D. Roder, D. Online journal article
2 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's experiences accessing standard hospital care for birth in South Australia – a phenomenological study 2016 Brown, A.E. Fereday, J.A. Middleton, P.F. Pincombe, J.I. Journal article
3 Improving Aboriginal women's experiences of antenatal care: findings from the Aboriginal Families Study in South Australia 2015 Brown, S.J. Weetra, D. Glover ,K. Buckskin, M. Ah Kit, J. Leane, C. Mitchell, A. Stuart-Butler, D. Turner, M. Gartland, D. Yelland, J. Journal article
4 'There’s only one enabler; come up, help us': staff perspectives of barriers and enablers to continuous quality improvement in Aboriginal primary health-care settings in South Australia 2015 Newham, J. Schierhout, G. Bailie, R. Ward, P.R. Journal article
5 Evaluation of the pilot phase of the 'Give up smokes for good' social marketing campaign 2015 Maksimovic, L. Shen, D. Bandick, M. Ettridge, K. Eckert, M. Journal article
6 The comparative cost of food and beverages at remote Indigenous communities, Northern Territory, Australia 2015 Ferguson, M. O'Dea, K. Chatfield, M. Moodie, M. Altman, J. Brimblecombe, J. Journal article
7 Justice or an unjust system? Aboriginal over-representation in South Australia's juvenile justice system 2015 Earl, C. Ogle, G. McArthur, E. Report
8 Trust, choice and obligation: a qualitative study of enablers of colorectal cancer screening in South Australia 2015 Ward, P.R. Coffey, C. Meyer, S. Journal article
9 Culturally appropriate methodology in obtaining a representative sample of South Australian Aboriginal adults for a cross-sectional population health study: challenges and resolutions 2015 Marin, T. Taylor, A.W. Grande, E.D. Avery, J. Tucker, G. Morey, K. Online journal article
10 Managing Two Worlds Together: stage 3: improving Aboriginal patient journeys - study report 2015 Kelly, J. Dwyer, J. Pekarsky, B. Mackean, T. Willis, E. de Crespigny, C. Perkins, S. O’Donnell, K. King, R. Mackean, L. Brown, A. Lawrence, M. Dixon, K. Report
Last updated: 10 February 2016
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