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No Title Year Author Type
1 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social health atlas, Australia, 2013 2016 Public Health Information Development Unit Report
2 The recording of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status in general practice clinical records: a cross-sectional study 2016 Thomson, A. Morgan, S. O'Mara, P. Tapley, A. Henderson, K. van Driel, M. Oldmeadow, C. Ball, J. Scott, J. Spike, N. McArthur, L. Magin, P. Journal article
3 Report on government services 2016, volume A: Approach to performance reporting 2016 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
4 Report on government services 2016, volume G: Housing and homelessness 2016 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
5 Schools, Australia, 2015 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
6 The ins and outs of the labour market: employment and labour force transitions for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians 2016 Hunter, B. Gray, M. Report
7 Using probabilistic record linkage methods to identify Australian Indigenous women on the Queensland Pap Smear Register: the National Indigenous Cervical Screening Project 2016 Whop, L.J. Diaz, A. Baade, P. Garvey, G. Cunningham, J. Brotherton, J.M. Canfell, K. Valery, P.C. O'Connell, D.L. Taylor, C. Moore, S.P. Condon, J.R. Online journal article
8 Family and country: accounting for fractured connections under colonisation in Victoria, Australia 2016 McCalman, J. Smith, L. Journal article
9 Australia’s notifiable disease status, 2014: annual report of the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System 2016 National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System Annual Report Writing Group Report
10 Identification of Aboriginal children using linked administrative data: consequences for measuring inequalities 2016 Gialamas, A. Pilkington, R. Berry, J. Scalzi, D. Gibson, O. Brown, A. Lynch, J. Journal article
11 The politics of identity: who counts as Aboriginal today? 2016 Carlson, B. Book
12 CAEPR Indigenous population project 2011 census papers: Home ownership transitions and Indigenous Australians 2016 Biddle, N. Crawford, H. Report
13 Illawarra Aboriginal community profile: a snapshot of an urban Aboriginal community 2016 Clapham, K. Winch, S. Harwood, V. Kelly, P. Chandler, P. Senior, K. Wu, D. Report
14 Understanding patient access patterns for primary health-care services for Aboriginal and Islander people in Queensland: a geospatial mapping approach 2016 Panaretto, K.S. Dellit, A. Hollins, A. Wason, G. Sidhom, C. Chilcott, K. Malthouse, D. Andrews, S. Mein, J. Ahkee, B. McDermott, R. Journal article
15 Australian trachoma surveillance annual report, 2013 2016 Cowling, C.S. Liu, B.C. Snelling, T.L. Ward, J.S. Kaldor, J.M. Wilson, D.P. Journal article
16 Identification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status by general practice registrars: confidence and associations 2016 Morgan, S. Thomson, A. O’Mara, P. Tapley, A. Henderson, K. van Driel, M. Scott, J. Spike, N. McArthur, L. Magin, P. Journal article
17 Australia's health 2016 2016 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
18 A genomic history of Aboriginal Australia 2016 Malaspinas, A. Westaway, M.C. Muller, Craig Sousa, V.C. Lao, O. Alves, I. Bergström, A. Athanasiadis, G. Cheng, J.Y. Crawford, J.E. Heupink, T.H. Macholdt, E. Peischl, S. Rasmussen, S. Schiffels, S. Subramanian, S. Wright, J.L. Albrechtsen, A. Barbieri, C. Dupanloup, I. Eriksson, A. Margaryan, A. Moltke, I. Pugach, I. Korneliussen, T.S. Levkivskyi, I.P. Moreno-Mayar, J.V. Ni, S. Racimo, F. Sikora, M. Xue, Y. Aghakhanian, F.A. Brucato, N. Brunak, S. Campos, P.F. Clark, W. Ellingvåg, S. Fourmile, G. Gerbault, P. Injie, D. Koki, G. Leavesley, M. Logan, B. Lynch, A. Matisoo-Smith, E.A. McAllister, P.J. Mentzer, A.J. Metspalu, M. Migliano, A.B. Murgha, L. Phipps, M.E. Pomat, W. Reynolds, D. Ricaut, F. Siba, P. Thomas, M.G. Wales, T. Wall, C.M. Oppenheimer, S.J. Tyler-Smith, C. Durbin, R. Dortch, J. Manica, A. Schierup, M.H. Foley, R.A. Lahr, M.M. Bowern, C. Wall, J.D. Mailund, T. Stoneking, M. Nielsen, R. Sandhu, M.S. Excoffier, L. Lambert, D.M. Willerslev, E. Journal article
19 The future of Australia’s Indigenous population, 2011-61 2016 Wilson, T. Journal article
20 Overcoming Indigenous disadvantage: key indicators 2016 report 2016 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
Last updated: 20 January 2017
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