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No Title Year Author Type
1 Cohort profile: the Australian Aboriginal Birth Cohort (ABC) study 2017 Sayers, S.M. Mackerras, D. Singh, G.R. Journal article
2 'I'm not sure it paints an honest picture of where my health's at' - identifying community health and research priorities based on health assessments within an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community: a qualitative study 2017 Spurling, G.K. Bond, C.J. Schluter, P.J. Kirk, C.I. Askew, D.A. Journal article
3 Effective knowledge translation approaches and practices in Indigenous health research: a systematic review protocol 2017 Morton Ninomiya, M.E. Atkinson, D. Brascoupé, S. Firestone, M. Robinson, N. Reading, J. Ziegler, C.P. Maddox, R. Smylie, J.K. Online journal article
4 Native Title anthropology after the Timber Creek decision 2017 McGrath, P.F. Report
5 Overview of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status 2016 2017 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Electronic source
6 Mitochondrial DNA diversity of present-day Aboriginal Australians and implications for human evolution in Oceania 2017 Nagle, N. Ballantyne, K.N. van Oven, M. Tyler-Smith, C. Xue, Y. Wilcox, S. Wilcox, L. Turkalov, R. van Oorschot, R.A.H. van Holst Pellekaan, S. Schurr, T.G. McAllister, P. Williams, L. Kayser, M. Mitchell, R.J. Journal article
7 Aboriginal mitogenomes reveal 50,000 years of regionalism in Australia 2017 Tobler, R. Rohrlach, A. Soubrier, J. Bover, P. Llamas, B. Tuke, J. Bean, N. Abdullah-Highfold, A. Agius, S. O’Donoghue, A. O’Loughlin, I. Sutton, P. Zilio, F. Walshe, K. Williams, A.N. Turney, C.S.M. Williams, M. Richards, S.M. Mitchell, R.J. Kowal, E. Stephen, J.R. Williams, L. Haak, W. Cooper, A. Journal article
8 Aboriginal Australian mitochondrial genome variation – an increased understanding of population antiquity and diversity 2017 Nagle, N. van Oven, M. Wilcox, S. van Holst Pellekaan, S. Tyler-Smith, C. Xue, Y. Ballantyne, K.N. Wilcox, L. Papac, L. Cooke, K. van Oorschot, R.A.H. McAllister, P. Williams, L. Kayser, M. Mitchell, R.J. Online journal article
9 A bibliometric review of drug and alcohol research focused on Indigenous peoples of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States 2017 Clifford, A. Shakeshaft, A. Journal article
10 Does Indigenous health research have impact? A systematic review of reviews 2017 Kinchin, I. Mccalman, J. Bainbridge, R. Tsey, K. Lui, F.W. Online journal article
11 Collective and negotiated design for a clinical trial addressing smoking cessation supports for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers in NSW, SA and Qld - developing a pilot study 2017 Bovill, M. Bar-Zeev, Y. Gruppetta, M. O'Mara, P. Cowling, B. Gould, G.S. Journal article
12 Seagull syndrome: relationships between patrol workers and government officials in NSW, Australia 2017 Porter, A.J. Journal article
13 Accuracy of ethnicity data recorded in hospital-based patient clinical records and the Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry 2017 Page, M. Wyeth, E.H. Samaranayaka, A. McNoe, B. Walker, R. Schollum, J. Marshall, M. Walker, R. Derrett, S. Journal article
14 Facilitating empowerment and self-determination through participatory action research 2017 Dudgeon, P. Scrine, C. Cox, A. Walker, R. Journal article
15 Interplay wellbeing framework: a collaborative methodology 'bringing together stories and numbers' to quantify Aboriginal cultural values in remote Australia 2017 Cairney, S. Abbott, T. Quinn, S. Yamaguchi, J. Wilson, B. Wakerman, J. Online journal article
16 Accuracy of national key performance indicator reporting from two Aboriginal medical services: potential to underestimate the performance of primary health care 2017 Hill, I. Johnson, D. Scrimgeour, D. McDermott, R. Journal article
17 Data Resource Profile: Seeding Success: A cross-sectoral data resource for early childhood health and development research in Australian Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children 2017 Falster, K. Jorgensen, M. Hanly, M. Banks, E. Brownell, M. Eades, S. Craven, R. Goldfeld, S. Randall, D. Jorm, L. Journal article
18 The Picture Talk Project: starting a conversation with community leaders on research with remote Aboriginal communities of Australia 2017 Fitzpatrick, E.F.M. Macdonald, G. Martiniuk, A.L.C. D'Antoine, H. Oscar, J. Carter, M. Lawford, T. Elliott, E.J. Online journal article
19 Evaluating the outcomes of programs for Indigenous families and communities 2017 Muir, S. Dean, A. Journal article
20 Knowing, being, and doing: Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal collaboration in cancer services 2017 Zubrzycki, J. Shipp, R. Jones, V. Journal article
Last updated: 14 December 2017
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