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1 The road to registration: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioner training in north Queensland 2018 Hill, K.L. Harvey, N. Felton-Busch, C.M. Hoskins, J. Rasalam, R. Malouf, P. Knight, S. Online journal article
2 Transformative effects of Aboriginal health placements for medical, nursing, and allied health students: a systematic review 2018 McDonald, H. Browne, J. Perruzza, J. Svarc, R. Davis, C. Adams, K. Palermo, C. Journal article
3 Evaluation of strategies designed to enhance student engagement and success of indigenous midwifery students in an Away-From-Base Bachelor of Midwifery Program in Australia: a qualitative research study 2018 Schulz, P.M. Dunne, C.L. Burdett-Jones, D. Gamble, N.S. Kosiak, M.M. Neal, J.M. Baker, G.E. Journal article
4 Online remote primary health care manuals 2017 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Electronic source
5 Indigenous health check (MBS 715) data tool 2017 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Electronic source
6 CARPA standard treatment manual: a clinic manual for primary health care practitioners in remote and Indigenous health services in central and northern Australia 2017 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Book
7 Minymaku Kutju Tjukurpa - women’s business manual 2017 Congress Alukura Book
8 Workforce insights on how health promotion is practised in an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service 2017 McFarlane, K. Devine, S. Judd, J. Nichols, N. Watt, K. Journal article
9 'I'm not sure it paints an honest picture of where my health's at' - identifying community health and research priorities based on health assessments within an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community: a qualitative study 2017 Spurling, G.K. Bond, C.J. Schluter, P.J. Kirk, C.I. Askew, D.A. Journal article
10 Predictors of remote practice location in the first seven cohorts of James Cook University MBBS graduates 2017 Woolley, T. Sen Gupta, T. Bellei, M. Online journal article
11 Wide variation in sexually transmitted infection testing and counselling at Aboriginal primary health care centres in Australia: analysis of longitudinal continuous quality improvement data 2017 Nattabi B, Matthews V, Bailie, J. Rumbold, A. Scrimgeour, D. Schierhout, G. Ward, J. Guy, R. Kaldor, J. Thompson, S.C. Bailie, R. Online journal article
12 Overview of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status 2016 2017 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Electronic source
13 Contribution of Aboriginal Community-Controlled Health Services to improving Aboriginal health: an evidence review 2017 Campbell, M.A. Hunt, J. Scrimgeour, D.J. Davey, M. Jones, V. Journal article
14 Impact of a continuing professional development intervention on midwifery academics' awareness of cultural safety 2017 Fleming, T. Creedy, D.K. West, R. Journal article
15 Preparing students for placement in Aboriginal health services using online virtual orientation tours: a participatory action approach 2017 Cross, M. Sculthorpe, J. Barnett, T. Dennis, S. Online journal article
16 Exploring systems that support good clinical care in Indigenous primary health-care services: a retrospective analysis of Longitudinal Systems Assessment Tool Data from high-improving services 2017 Woods, C. Carlisle, K. Larkins, S. Thompson, S.C. Tsey, K. Matthews, V. Bailie, R. Online journal article
17 Socio-demographic disparities in the utilisation of general practice services for Australian children - Results from a nationally representative longitudinal study 2017 Ou, L. Chen, J. Hillman, K. Journal article
18 Understanding the role of Australian Aboriginal maternal infant care workers: bringing a cultural dimension to a critique of the ideal worker concept 2017 Kirkham, R. Hoon, E. Rumbold, A. Moore, V. Journal article
19 The barriers and facilitators that indigenous health workers experience in their workplace and communities in providing self-management support: a multiple case study 2017 Conway, J. Tsourtos, G. Lawn, S. Online journal article
20 Safety and security guidelines for remote and isolated health 2017 CRANAplus Report
Last updated: 17 February 2018
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