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No Title Year Author Type
1 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health promotion programs for the prevention and management of chronic diseases: a scoping review protocol 2017 Canuto, K. Aromataris, E. Lockwood, C. Tufanaru, C. Brown, A. Journal article
2 The community network: an Aboriginal community football club bringing people together. Who or what is making the assists to score social goals? 2016 Parnell, D. Hylton, K. Journal article
3 Physical activity, healthy lifestyle behaviors, neighborhood environment characteristics and social support among Australian Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal adults 2016 Macniven, R. Richards, J. Gubhaju, L. Joshy, G. Bauman, A. Banks, E. Eades, S. Journal article
4 Overview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status 2015 2016 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Report
5 Exploring the pedagogical possibilities of Indigenous sport-for-development programmes using a socio-personal approach 2016 Rynne, S. Journal article
6 Australia's health tracker 2016 Tolhurst, P. Lindberg, R. Calder, R. Dunbar, J. de Courten, M. Report
7 Australia's health tracker: technical appendix 2016 Tolhurst, P. Lindberg, R. Calder, R. Dunbar, J. de Courten, M. Report
8 Gross motor performance in children prenatally exposed to alcohol and living in remote Australia 2016 Lucas, B.R. Latimer, J. Doney, R. Watkins, R.E. Tsang, T.W. Hawkes, G. Fitzpatrick, J.P. Oscar, J. Carter, M. Elliott, E.J. Journal article
9 The Aboriginal football ethic 2016 Butcher, T. Judd, B. Journal article
10 The land we play on 2016 Klugman, M. Phillips, G. Journal article
11 Shock 'em! Stories of the Big River Hawks 2016 Turner, K. Law, K. Hamilton, B. Collins, M. Palipuaminni, G. Hester, G. Clyden, K. Gillett, T. Book
12 Personality and body-mass-index in school-age children: an exploration of mediating and moderating variables 2016 Allen, M.S. Vella, S.A. Online journal article
13 Motor performance, prenatal alcohol exposure and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in Aboriginal children in remote Australia 2016 Lucas, B.R. Thesis
14 A community-based lifestyle intervention targeting Type II Diabetes risk factors in an Australian Aboriginal population: a feasibility study 2016 Rankin, P. Morton, D. Kent, L. Mitchell, B. Online journal article
15 Ready, set, go: a cross-sectional survey to understand priorities and preferences for multiple health behaviour change in a highly disadvantaged group 2016 Paul, C. Sanson-Fisher, R. Turon, H. Turner, N. Conigrave, K Online journal article
16 Australian Burden of Disease Study: impact and causes of illness and death in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2011 2016 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
17 Getting Australia's health on track: priority policy actions for a healthier Australia 2016 Australian Health Policy Collaboration Report
18 Correlates of physical activity among Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous adolescents 2016 Macniven, R. Hearn, S. Grunseit, A. Richards, J. Nutbeam, D. Bauman, A. Journal article
19 Do physical activity interventions in Indigenous people in Australia and New Zealand improve activity levels and health outcomes? A systematic review 2016 Sushames, A. van Uffelen, J.G.Z. Gebel, K. Online journal article
20 A 12-week sports-based exercise programme for inactive Indigenous Australian men improved clinical risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus 2015 Mendham, A.E. Duffield, R. Marino, F. Coutts, A.J. Journal article
Last updated: 19 January 2017
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