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Oral health
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No Title Year Author Type
1 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander oral health and its impact among adults: a cross-sectional study 2017 Schluter, P.J. Askew, D.A. Spurling, G.K. Lee, M. Hayman, N. Journal article
2 'I miss my family, it's been a while…' A qualitative study of clinicians who live and work in rural/remote Australian Aboriginal communities 2017 Irving, M. Short, S. Gwynne, K. Tennant, M. Blinkhorn, A. Journal article
3 Disparities in dental health of rural Australians: hospitalisation rates and utilisation of public dental services in three communities in North Queensland 2017 Carlisle, K. Larkins, S. Croker, F. Online journal article
4 A national analysis of dental waiting lists and point-in-time geographic access to subsidised dental care: can geographic access be improved by offering public dental care through private dental clinics? 2017 Dudko, Y. Kruger, E. Tennant, M. Online journal article
5 Report on government services 2017, volume E: Health 2017 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
6 Overview of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status 2016 2017 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Electronic source
7 Northern Territory remote Aboriginal investment: Oral Health Program - July 2012 to December 2015 2017 Pan, R. Tong, B. Penm, R. Bernadette Kok, B. Watson, J. Report
8 Oral health in young Australian Aboriginal children 2017 Durey, A. McAullay, D. Gibson, B. Slack-Smith, L.M. Journal article
9 The magnitude of Indigenous and non-Indigenous oral health inequalities in Brazil, New Zealand and Australia 2017 Schuch, H.S. Haag, D.G. Kapellas, K. Arantes, R. Peres, M.A. Thomson, W.M. Jamieson, L.M. Journal article
10 Efficacy of an oral health literacy intervention among Indigenous Australian adults 2017 Ju, X. Brennan, D. Parker, E. Mills, H. Kapellas, K. Jamieson, L. Journal article
11 italklibrary 2016 italklibrary Electronic source
12 Children's headline indicators [interactive data portal] 2016 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Electronic source
13 Oral health of school children in Western Australia 2016 Arrow, P. Journal article
14 Flying blind: trying to find solutions to Indigenous oral health 2016 de Silva, A.M. Martin-Kerry, J. Geale, A. Cole, D. Journal article
15 Aboriginal Health Worker perceptions of oral health: a qualitative study in Perth, Western Australia 2016 Durey, A. McAullay, D. Gibson, B. Slack-Smith, L. Online journal article
16 Knowledge of oral cancer risk factors amongst high risk Australians: findings from the “LESIONS” program 2016 Dost, F. Do, L. Farah, C.S. Journal article
17 Oral health and dental care in Australia: key facts and figures 2015 2016 Chrisopoulos, S. Harford, J.E. Ellershaw, A. Report
18 Nganampa Health Council Dental Program: remote dentistry in the Australian desert - partnership or perish 2016 Wooley, S. Journal article
19 Historical factors, discrimination and oral health among Aboriginal Australians 2016 Steffens, M. Jamieson, L. Kapellas, K. Journal article
20 Developing a sustainable model of oral health care for disadvantaged Aboriginal people living in rural and remote communities in NSW, using collective impact methodology 2016 Gwynne, K. Irving, M.J. McCowen, D. Rambaldini, B. Skinner, J. Naoum, S. Blinkhorn, A. Journal article
Last updated: 25 May 2017
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