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No Title Year Author Type
1 Evaluation of the cashless debit card trial - initial conditions report 2017 ORIMA Research Report
2 The child protection and juvenile justice nexus in Australia: a longitudinal examination of the relationship between maltreatment and offending 2017 Malvaso, C.G. Delfabbro, P.H. Day, A. Journal article
3 Wide variation in sexually transmitted infection testing and counselling at Aboriginal primary health care centres in Australia: analysis of longitudinal continuous quality improvement data 2017 Nattabi B, Matthews V, Bailie, J. Rumbold, A. Scrimgeour, D. Schierhout, G. Ward, J. Guy, R. Kaldor, J. Thompson, S.C. Bailie, R. Online journal article
4 Addressing the barriers to driver licensing for Aboriginal people in New South Wales and South Australia 2017 Clapham, K. Hunter, K. Cullen, P. Helps, Y. Senserrick, T. Byrne, J. James E. Harrison, J.E. Ivers, R.Q. Journal article
5 Collective and negotiated design for a clinical trial addressing smoking cessation supports for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers in NSW, SA and Qld - developing a pilot study 2017 Bovill, M. Bar-Zeev, Y. Gruppetta, M. O'Mara, P. Cowling, B. Gould, G.S. Journal article
6 Collaboration and cultural safety: safe sleep space alternatives with Aboriginal families 2017 Grant, J. Deverix, J. Nottage, C. Sivertsen, N. Spurrier, N. Steeb, A. Stuart-Butler, D. Journal article
7 Growth patterns during the first 12 months of life: post-hoc analysis for South Australian Aboriginal and Caucasian infants in a randomised controlled trial of formula feeding 2017 Hawke, K. Louise, J. Collins, C. Zhou, S.J. Brown, A. Gibson, R. Makrides, M. Journal article
8 Understanding the role of Australian Aboriginal maternal infant care workers: bringing a cultural dimension to a critique of the ideal worker concept 2017 Kirkham, R. Hoon, E. Rumbold, A. Moore, V. Journal article
9 Missed opportunities for culturally appropriate imprisonment of APY offenders: the cross border justice act 2009 (SA) 2017 Whellum, P. Journal article
10 Indigenous knowledge and practice for climate change adaptation 2017 Bardsley, D.K. Online book section
11 Disparities in cancer stage at diagnosis and survival of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal South Australians 2017 Banham, D. Roder, D. Keefe, D. Farshid, G. Eckert, M. Cargo, M. Brown, A. Journal article
12 Efficacy of an oral health literacy intervention among Indigenous Australian adults 2017 Ju, X. Brennan, D. Parker, E. Mills, H. Kapellas, K. Jamieson, L. Journal article
13 Aboriginal Family Birthing Program in South Australia: making a difference to breastfeeding of Aboriginal infants? [conference abstract] 2017 Brown, S. Stuart-Butler, D. Leane, C. Ah Kit, J. Glover, K. Mitchell, A. Weetra, D. Gartland, D. Journal article
14 Knowing, being, and doing: Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal collaboration in cancer services 2017 Zubrzycki, J. Shipp, R. Jones, V. Journal article
15 Enhancing training advantage for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners 2017 Guenther, J. Bat, M. Stephens, A. Skewes, J. Boughton, B. Williamson, F. Wooltorton, S. Marshall, M. Dwyer, A. Report
16 VET retention in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities 2017 National Centre for Vocational Education Research Report
17 Stolen Generations Community Reparations Fund: summary of consultations 2017 South Australian Department of State Development Report
18 Housing and Indigenous disability: lived experiences of housing and community infrastructure 2017 Grant, E. Zillante, G. Srivastava, A. Tually, S. Chong, A. Report
19 PAThways and Research Into Collaborative Inter-Agency practice: collaborative work across the child protection and specialist domestic and family violence interface: final report 2017 Humphreys, C. Healey, L. Report
20 Gonorrhoea testing and positivity in non-remote Aboriginal community controlled health services 2017 Harrod, M.E. Couzos, S. Ward, J. Saunders, M. Donovan, B. Hammond, B. Delaney-Thiele, D. Belfrage, M. Williams, S. Smith, L.W. Kaldor, J.M. Journal article
Last updated: 19 October 2017
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