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1 Adaptation and pretesting of the College Persistence Questionnaire V3 (Short Form) for measuring intention to persist among Aboriginal 2018 Dianne, J. Cramer, J.H. Slatyer, S. Twigg, D.E. Robinson, M. Journal article
2 Impact of medical student origins on the likelihood of ultimately practicing in areas of low vs high socio-economic status 2017 Puddey, I.B. Playford, D.E. Mercer, A. Online journal article
3 'I miss my family, it's been a while…' A qualitative study of clinicians who live and work in rural/remote Australian Aboriginal communities 2017 Irving, M. Short, S. Gwynne, K. Tennant, M. Blinkhorn, A. Journal article
4 Report on government services 2017, volume E: Health 2017 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
5 Experience of providing cultural safety in mental health to Aboriginal patients: a grounded theory study 2017 McGough, S. Wynaden, D. Wright, M. Journal article
6 Development of a First Peoples-led cultural capability measurement tool: a pilot study with midwifery students 2017 West, R. Wrigley, S. Mills, K. Taylor, K. Rowland, D. Creedy, D.K. Journal article
7 Aboriginal inclusion tool: a tool to improve Aboriginal inclusion in AOD services: working document 2017 Network of Alcohol and Other Drugs Agencies (NADA) Report
8 Overview of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status 2016 2017 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Electronic source
9 Contribution of Aboriginal Community-Controlled Health Services to improving Aboriginal health: an evidence review 2017 Campbell, M.A. Hunt, J. Scrimgeour, D.J. Davey, M. Jones, V. Journal article
10 Supporting the Aboriginal alcohol and other drug workforce in New South Wales, Australia 2017 Lee, K.S. Freeburn, B. Ella, S. Wilson, S. Harrison, K. McEwan, M. Conigrave, K.M. Journal article
11 Vocational education participation and attainment among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: trends 2002-2015 and employment outcomes 2017 Crawford, H. Biddle, N. Report
12 The quality of health services provided to remote dwelling aboriginal infants in the top end of northern Australia following health system changes: a qualitative analysis 2017 Josif, C.M. Kruske, S. Kildea, S.V. Barclay, L.M. Online journal article
13 Preparing students for placement in Aboriginal health services using online virtual orientation tours: a participatory action approach 2017 Cross, M. Sculthorpe, J. Barnett, T. Dennis, S. Online journal article
14 Challenges to Indigenous health curriculum design - bringing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health curriculum framework to life 2017 Sivertsen, N. Lawrence, M. McDermott, D. Journal article
15 How can schools of nursing and midwifery prepare their graduates to encourage medication adherence for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients? 2017 Stuart, L. Sengstock, B. Journal article
16 Incorporating the nursing and midwifery Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health curriculum framework into a BN program 2017 Middleton, R. Stephens, M. Mackay, M. Journal article
17 Are primary healthcare services culturally appropriate for Aboriginal people? Findings from a remote community 2017 Smith, K. Fatima, Y. Knight, S. Journal article
18 Understanding the role of Australian Aboriginal maternal infant care workers: bringing a cultural dimension to a critique of the ideal worker concept 2017 Kirkham, R. Hoon, E. Rumbold, A. Moore, V. Journal article
19 Cultural competence in clinical psychology training: a qualitative investigation of student and academic experiences 2017 Geerlings, L.R.C. Thompson, C.L. Bouma, R. Hawkins, R. Journal article
20 Delivering an empowerment intervention to a remote Indigenous child safety workforce: its economic cost from an agency perspective 2017 Kinchin, I. Doran, C.M. McCalman, J. Jacups, S. Tsey, K. Lines, K. Searles, A. Smith, K. Journal article
Last updated: 16 January 2018
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