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No Title Year Author Type
1 Have the health gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian children changed over time? Results from an Australian national representative longitudinal study 2012 Ou, L. Chen, J. Hillman, K. Journal article
2 Patient, provider and system factors impacting on the diagnosis and management of lung cancer care in Australia 2012 Jiwa, M. Davison, P.M. Newton, P.J. DiGiacomo, M.L. McGrath, S.J. Lotriet, C.J. Online journal article
3 Father mental health during the early parenting period: results of an Australian population based longitudinal study 2012 Giallo, R. D’Esposito, F. Christensen, D. Mensah, F. Cooklin, A. Wade, C. Lucas, N. Canterford, L. Nicholson, J.M. Journal article
4 Psychosocial risk factors associated with fathers' mental health in the postnatal period: results from a population-based study 2012 Giallo, R. D’Esposito, F. Cooklin, A. Mensah, F. Lucas, N. Wade, C. Nicholson, J.M. Journal article
5 Project agreement on improving trachoma control services for Indigenous Australians 2012 Council of Australian Government Report
6 Aborigines, sport and suicide 2012 Tatz, C. Online journal article
7 Western Australia: information about the negotiations aimed at resolving the Noongar native title claims 2012 Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources Electronic source
8 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practice registration standards 2012 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Board of Australia Report
9 Indigenous mobility and school attendance in remote Australia: cause or effect? 2012 Taylor, J. Journal article
10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander protocols 2012 City of Sydney Report
11 Rheumatic Heart Disease Control Program: overview for 2011 2012 Fittock, M. Edwards, K. Journal article
12 Context, diversity and engagement: early intervention with Australian Aboriginal families in urban and remote contexts 2012 Robinson, G. Tyler, W. Jones, Y. Silburn, S. Zubrick, S.R. Journal article
13 Evaluating new income management in the Northern Territory: first evaluation report 2012 Bray, J.R. Gray, M. Hand, K. Bradbury, B. Eastman, C. Katz, I. Report
14 A socio-economic profile of families in the first wave of the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children 2012 Mullan, K. Redmond, G. Journal article
15 Area-based differentials in childhood cancer incidence in Australia, 1996–2006 2012 Youlden, D.R. Baade, P.D. Valery, P.C. Hassall, T.E. Ward, L.J. Green, A.C. Aitken, J.F. Journal article
16 Effect of dialect on identification and severity of speech impairment in Indigenous Australian children 2012 Toohill, B.J. Mcleod, S. Mccormack, J. Journal article
17 The associations between ethnicity and outcomes of infants in neonatal intensive care units 2012 Ruan, S. Abdel-Latif, M.E. Bajuk, B. Lui, K. Oei, J.L. Journal article
18 Indigenous beliefs about biomedical and bush medicine treatment efficacy for Indigenous cancer patients: a review of the literature 2012 van Schaik, K.D. Thompson, S.C. Journal article
19 The politics of suffering: Aboriginal health in contemporary Australia 2012 Sutton, P. Book section
20 The history of Indigenous identification in Victorian health datasets, 1980–2011: initiatives and policies reported by key informants 2012 Heffernan, B. Iskandar, D. Freemantle, J. Report
Last updated: 25 February 2018
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