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No Title Year Author Type
1 The short-term impact of each primary dose of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine on nasopharyngeal carriage: systematic review and meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials 2016 Nicholls, T.R. Leach, A.J. Morris, P.S. Journal article
2 Evolution and otitis media: a review, and a model to explain high prevalence in Indigenous populations 2016 Bhutta, M.F. Journal article
3 Deadly Kids, Deadly Futures: Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child ear and hearing health framework 2016-2026 2016 Deadly Ears Program Report
4 A multi-centre open-label randomised non-inferiority trial comparing watchful waiting to antibiotic treatment for acute otitis media without perforation in low-risk urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children (the WATCH trial): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial 2016 Abbott, P. Gunasekera, H. Leach, A.J. Askew, D. Walsh, R. Kong, K. Girosi, F. Bond, C. Morris, P. Lujic, S. Hu, W. Usherwood, T. Tyson, S. Spurling, G. Douglas, M. Schubert, K. Chapman, S. Siddiqui, N. Murray, R. Rabbitt, K, Porykali, B. Woodall, C. Newman, T. Reath, J. Online journal article
5 Determinants and gaps in preventive care delivery for Indigenous Australians: a cross-sectional analysis 2016 Bailie, C. Matthews, V. Bailie, J. Burgess, P. Copley, K. Kennedy, C. Moore, L. Larkins, S. Thompson, S. Bailie, R.S. Online journal article
6 Overview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status 2015 2016 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Report
7 Healthcare delivery for women in prison: a medical record review 2016 Abbott, P. Magin, P. Hu, W. Journal article
8 General health, otitis media, nasopharyngeal carriage and middle ear microbiology in Northern Territory Aboriginal children vaccinated during consecutive periods of 10-valent or 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccines 2016 Leach, A.J. Wigger, C. Beissbarth, J. Woltring, D. Andrews, R. Chatfield, M.D. Smith-Vaughan, H. Morris, P.S. Journal article
9 Otitis media: clarifying the role of antibiotics 2016 NPS MedicineWise Electronic source
10 Rural Health West Aboriginal Health Conference 2016 presentations 2016 Rural Health West Aboriginal Health Conference 2016 Conference presentation
11 WA child ear health strategy [draft for consultation] 2016 Rural Health West Report
12 Deadly Kids, Deadly Futures: 2016-2017 action plan 2016 Queensland Health Department of Education and Training Report
13 Australia's health 2016 2016 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
14 Lab Tests Online: explaining pathology 2016 Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists Electronic source
15 Bulging ear drums and hearing loss: Aboriginal kids have the highest otitis media rates in the world 2016 Leach, A. Electronic source
16 Australian Burden of Disease Study: impact and causes of illness and death in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2011 2016 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
17 Australian Burden of Disease Study: impact and causes of illness and death in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2011 - summary report 2016 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
18 Socioeconomic status as a factor in Indigenous and non-Indigenous children with hearing loss: analysis of national survey data 2016 Simpson, A. Enticott, J. Douglas, J. Journal article
19 Health professional and community perspectives on reducing barriers to accessing specialist health care in metropolitan Aboriginal communities: a semi-structured interview study 2016 Young, C. Tong, A. Gunasekera, H. Sherriff, S. Kalucy, D. Fernando, P. Craig, J.C. Journal article
20 A case study of enhanced clinical care enabled by Aboriginal health research: the Hearing, EAr health and Language Services (HEALS) project 2016 Young, C. Gunasekera, H. Kong, K. Purcell, A. Muthayya, S. Vincent, F. Wright, D. Gordon, R. Bell, J. Gillor, G. Booker, J. Fernando, P. Kalucy, D. Sherriff, S. Tong, A. Parter, C. Bailey, S. Redman, S. Banks, E. Craig, J.C. Journal article
Last updated: 2 December 2016
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