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Closing the gap
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No Title Year Author Type
1 Close the gap: progress and priorities report 2015 2015 Holland, C. Report
2 Closing the gap: Prime Minister’s report 2015 2015 Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Report
3 Closing the gap in Indigenous disadvantage 2015 Council of Australian Governments Electronic source
4 What works and why? Early childhood professionals' perspectives on effective early childhood education and care services for Indigenous families 2015 Leske, R. Sarmardin, D. Woods, A. Thorpe, K. Journal article
5 The view beyond review: challenging assumptions in Indigenous education development 2015 Fogarty, B. Lovell, M. Dodson, M. Online journal article
6 Land, learning and identity: toward a deeper understanding of Indigenous learning on country 2015 Schwab, R.G. Fogarty, B. Online journal article
7 Families as foundation: Anangu perspectives on what else matters in remote education 2015 Osborne, S. Online journal article
8 Should the governments of 'developed' countries be held responsible for equalizing the Indigenous health gap? 2015 Abdolhosseini, P. Bonner, C. Montano, A. Young, Y.Y. Wadsworth, D. Williams, M. Stoner, L. Journal article
9 A cost-effective approach to closing the gap in health, education and employment: investing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nursing education, training and employment 2015 Alford, K. Report
10 Early childhood education and Indigenous children: getting the measures (and the policy) right 2015 Biddle, N. Conference paper
Last updated: 1 December 2015
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