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Closing the gap
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No Title Year Author Type
1 Close the gap: progress and priorities report 2015 2015 Holland, C. Report
2 Closing the gap: Prime Minister’s report 2015 2015 Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Report
3 Closing the gap in Indigenous disadvantage 2015 Council of Australian Governments Electronic source
4 What works and why? Early childhood professionals' perspectives on effective early childhood education and care services for Indigenous families 2015 Leske, R. Sarmardin, D. Woods, A. Thorpe, K. Journal article
5 The view beyond review: challenging assumptions in Indigenous education development 2015 Fogarty, B. Lovell, M. Dodson, M. Online journal article
6 Land, learning and identity: toward a deeper understanding of Indigenous learning on country 2015 Schwab, R.G. Fogarty, B. Online journal article
7 Families as foundation: Anangu perspectives on what else matters in remote education 2015 Osborne, S. Online journal article
8 Practice Incentives Program: Indigenous health incentive guidelines 2014 Department of Human Services Report
9 Report on government services 2014 2014 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
10 Closing the gap: Prime Minister’s report 2014 2014 Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Report
Last updated: 1 April 2015
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