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No Title Year Author Type
1 Prevalence of dementia in urban and regional Aboriginal Australians 2015 Radford, K. Mack, H.A. Draper, B. Chalkley, S. Daylight, G. Cumming, R. Bennett, H. Delbaere, K. Broe, G.A. Journal article
2 Comparison of three cognitive screening tools in older urban and regional Aboriginal Australians 2015 Radford, K. Mack, H.A. Draper, B. Chalkley, S. Delbaere, K. Daylight, G. Cumming, R.G. Bennett, H. Broe, G.A. Journal article
3 Incidence and predictors of cognitive impairment and dementia in Aboriginal Australians: A follow-up study of 5 years 2015 Lo Giudice, D. Smith, K. Fenner, S. Hyde, Z. Atkinson, D. Skeaf, L. Malay, R. Flicker, L. Journal article
4 Housing priorities of people with dementia: security, continuity and support 2015 Gabriel, M. Faulkner, D. Stirling, C. Report
5 iTalk Library iTunes app 2015 iTalk Library Electronic source
6 Improving nutrition and providing jobs in remote Indigenous communities 2015 Bidstrup, G. Pond, D. Conference presentation
7 The KICA Carer: informant information to enhance the Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment 2015 Smith, K. Flicker, L. Atkinson, D. Dwyer, A. Lautenschlager, N.T. Thomas, J. Almeida, O.P. LoGiudice, D. Journal article
8 Chronic conditions manual: prevention & management of chronic conditions in Australia 2015 Rural and Remote Clinical Support Unit Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service Report
9 What can we learn about dementia from research in Indigenous populations? 2015 Flicker, L. Logiudice, D. Journal article
10 Carer Gateway 2015 Australian Government Electronic source
Last updated: 11 February 2016
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