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1 Maternal incarceration, child protection, and infant mortality: a descriptive study of infant children of women prisoners in Western Australia 2018 Dowell, C.M. Mejia, G.C. Preen, D.B. Segal, L. Online journal article
2 A novel approach to transforming smoking cessation practice for pregnant Aboriginal women and girls living in the Pilbara 2018 Wyndow, P. Walker, R. Reibel, T. Online journal article
3 Innovative models in addressing violence against Indigenous women: final report 2018 Blagg, H. Williams, E. Cummings, E. Hovane, V. Torres, M. Woodley, K.N. Report
4 Innovative models in addressing violence against Indigenous women: key findings and future directions 2018 Blagg, H. Williams, E. Cummings, E. Hovane, V. Torres, M. Woodley, K.N. Report
5 Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and youth justice: a prevalence study among young people sentenced to detention in Western Australia 2018 Bower, C. Watkins, R.E. Mutch, R.C. Marriott, R. Freeman, J. Kippin, N.R. Safe, B. Pestell, C. Cheung, C.S.C. Shield, H. Tarratt, L. Springall, A. Taylor, J. Walker, N. Argiro, E. Leitão, S. Hamilton, S. Condon, C. Passmore, H.M. Giglia, R. Online journal article
6 Online remote primary health care manuals 2017 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Electronic source
7 CARPA standard treatment manual: a clinic manual for primary health care practitioners in remote and Indigenous health services in central and northern Australia 2017 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Book
8 Increasing the impact of teleophthalmology in Australia: analysis of structural and economic drivers in a state service 2017 Razavi, H. Copeland, S.P. Turner, A.W. Journal article
9 Coordination of diabetic retinopathy screening in the Kimberley region of Western Australia 2017 Moynihan, V. Turner, A. Journal article
10 Aboriginal environmental health newsletter - Campfire 2017 Western Australian Department of Public Health Electronic source
11 Evaluation of the cashless debit card trial - initial conditions report 2017 ORIMA Research Report
12 Content and cultural validity in the development of the Indigenous Play Partner Scale 2017 Dender, A.M. Stagnitti, K.E. Journal article
13 Impact of social disadvantage and parental offending on rates of criminal offending among offspring of women with severe mental illness 2017 Valuri, G.M. Morgan, F. Jablensky, A. Morgan, V.A. Journal article
14 Effect of socioeconomic disadvantage, remoteness and Indigenous status on hospital usage for Western Australian preterm infants under 12 months of age: a population-based data linkage study 2017 Strobel, N.A. Peter, S. McAuley, K.E. McAullay, D.R. Marriott, R. Edmond, K.M. Online journal article
15 Ibobbly mobile health intervention for suicide prevention in Australian Indigenous youth: a pilot randomised controlled trial 2017 Tighe, J. Shand, F. Ridani, R. Mackinnon, A. D.L.Mata, N. Christensen, H. Online journal article
16 Australian Aboriginal children with otitis media have reduced antibody titres to specific nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae vaccine antigens 2017 Thornton, R.B. Kirkham, L.S. Corscadden, K.J. Wiertsema, S.P. Fuery, A. Jones, B.J. Coates, H.L. Vijayasekaran, S. Zhang, G. Keil, A. Richmond, P.C. Journal article
17 Validity and acceptability of Kimberley mum's mood scale to screen for perinatal anxiety and depression in remote Aboriginal health care settings 2017 Marley, J.V. Kotz, J. Engelke, C. Williams, M. Stephen, D. Coutinho, S. Trust, S.K. Online journal article
18 Tjina Maala activity book 2017 Tjina Maala Centre Book
19 Experience of providing cultural safety in mental health to Aboriginal patients: a grounded theory study 2017 McGough, S. Wynaden, D. Wright, M. Journal article
20 Wide variation in sexually transmitted infection testing and counselling at Aboriginal primary health care centres in Australia: analysis of longitudinal continuous quality improvement data 2017 Nattabi B, Matthews V, Bailie, J. Rumbold, A. Scrimgeour, D. Schierhout, G. Ward, J. Guy, R. Kaldor, J. Thompson, S.C. Bailie, R. Online journal article
Last updated: 17 February 2018
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