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No Title Year Author Type
1 Online remote primary health care manuals 2017 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Electronic source
2 CARPA standard treatment manual: a clinic manual for primary health care practitioners in remote and Indigenous health services in central and northern Australia 2017 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Book
3 Implementing evidence-based continuous quality improvement strategies in an urban Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service in South East Queensland: a best practice implementation pilot 2017 Hogg, S. Roe, Y. Mills, R. Journal article
4 Australian Aboriginal children with otitis media have reduced antibody titres to specific nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae vaccine antigens 2017 Thornton, R.B. Kirkham, L.S. Corscadden, K.J. Wiertsema, S.P. Fuery, A. Jones, B.J. Coates, H.L. Vijayasekaran, S. Zhang, G. Keil, A. Richmond, P.C. Journal article
5 Overview of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status 2016 2017 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Electronic source
6 Human papillomavirus vaccination and genital warts in young Indigenous Australians: national sentinel surveillance data 2017 Ali, H. McManus, H. O'Connor, C.C. Callander, D. Kong, M. Graham, S. Saulo, D. Fairley, C.K. Regan, D.G. Grulich, A. Low, N. Guy, R.J. Donovan, B. Journal article
7 Immunisation coverage annual report, 2014 2017 Hull, B.P. Hendry, A.J. Dey, A. Beard, F.H. Brotherton, J.M. McIntyre, P.B. Journal article
8 Invasive pneumococcal disease surveillance, 1 October to 31 December 2016 2017 Pennington, K. Enhanced Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Surveillance Working Group Journal article
9 Repeat pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine in Indigenous Australian adults is associated with decreased immune responsiveness 2017 Moberley, S. Licciardi, P.V. Balloch, A. Andrews, R. Leach, A.J. Kirkwood, M. Binks, P. Mulholland, K. Carapetis, J. Tang, M.L.K. Skull, S. Journal article
10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Performance Framework 2017 report 2017 Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council Report
11 National Key Performance Indicators for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care: results from June 2016. National key performance indicators for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care series no. 4 2017 Wright, K. Miller, D. Howle, T. Seebus, I. Report
12 Healthy Communities: immunisation rates for children in 2015-16 2017 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
13 Summary of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health status 2016 2017 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Report
14 Communicable Diseases Control Conference 2017: infectious diseases: a global challenge: abstract book 2017 Public Health Association of Australia Report
15 Paediatric invasive Haemophilus influenzae in Queensland, Australia, 2002-2011: young Indigenous children remain at highest risk 2017 Cleland, G. Leung, C. Wan Sai Cheong, J. Francis, J. Heney, C. Nourse, C. Journal article
16 Establishing contemporary trends in hepatitis B sero-epidemiology in an Indigenous population 2017 Davies, J. Li, S.Q. Tong, S.Y. Baird, R.W. Beaman, M. Higgins, G. Cowie, B.C. Condon, J.R. Davis, J.S. Online journal article
17 Aboriginal health in South Australia: 2017 case study 2017 Health Performance Council Report
18 Predictors of pneumococcal carriage and the effect of the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccination in the Western Australian Aboriginal population 2017 Collins, D.A. Hoskins, A. Snelling, T. Senasinghe, K. Bowman, J. Stemberger, N.A. Leach, A.J. Lehmann, D. Online journal article
19 The impact of pneumococcal vaccination on bacterial and viral pneumonia in Western Australian children: record linkage cohort study of 469,589 births (1996-2012) 2017 Fathima, P. Blyth, C.C. Lehmann, D. Lim, F.J. Abdalla, T. de Klerk, N. Moore, H.C. Journal article
20 Determining the contribution of Streptococcus pneumoniae to community-acquired pneumonia in Australia 2017 Yin, J.K. Jayasinghe, S.H. Charles, P.G. King, C. Chiu, C.K. Menzies, R.I. McIntyre, P.B. Journal article
Last updated: 18 January 2018
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