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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

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No Title Year Author Type
881 Promoting Aboriginal men's health within NSW 1999 Agius, T. Conference presentation
882 Antenatal hospitalisations in New South Wales, 1995-96 1999 Adelson, P. L. Child, A. G. Giles, W. B. Henderson-Smart, D. J. Journal article
883 Guidelines for research into Aboriginal health 1999 Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of New South Wales Report
884 Physical activity guidelines for Australians: scientific background report 1999 University of Western Australia The Centre for Health Promotion and Research Sydney Report
885 Physical activity guidelines for Australians: summary and appendices 1999 University of Western Australia The Centre for Health Promotion and Research Sydney Report
886 Mitochondrial control-region sequence variation in Aboriginal Australians 1998 van Holst Pellekaan, S. M. Frommer, M. Sved, J. A. Boettcher, B. Journal article
887 First aid for scalds campaign 1998 Tooth, I. Journal article
888 Heal our land [abstract] 1998 Sherwood, J. Book section
889 A health service and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partnership to develop and plan mental health services 1998 Salisbury, C. Journal article
890 Environmental factors influencing Aboriginal nutrition in Western New South Wales 1998 Rodgers, K. Willis, D. Thomas, R. Journal article
Last updated: 27 August 2016
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