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No Title Year Author Type
821 Research paper No.4. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Population 1992 Smyth, R. Book section
822 Research paper No.9. The design of safe and humane police cells a discussion of some issues relating to Aboriginal people in police custody 1992 Reser, J. Book section
823 Protect your relations: Aboriginal community road safety evaluation report 1992 Perkins, N. Report
824 An evaluation of the impact and outcomes of the Aboriginal Community Road Safety Project for the Road Safety Bureau Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW 1992 Perkins, N. Report
825 Australian deaths in custody 1990 & 1991 1992 McDonald, D. Howlett, c. Dalton, V. Report
826 Research paper No.18. Arrests, custody and bail, Kalgoorlie, 1987 and 1990 1992 McDonald, D. Biles, D. Book section
827 National Police Custody Survey, August 1988: national report 1992 McDonald, D. Book section
828 National Police Custody Survey, August 1988 preliminary descriptive findings 1992 McDonald, D. Book section
829 Research paper No.5. Drug testing in prison 1992 McDonald, D. Book section
830 Alcohol and human behaviour: research paper no.14 1992 Greeley, J. McDonald, D. Book section
Last updated: 22 September 2014
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