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No Title Year Author Type
811 Against 'the violence of silence': investigating Aboriginal self-harm: a reflexive and historical, sociological analysis of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal social health in urban Australia 1994 Brice, G. Thesis
812 Sex, alcohol and violence: a community collaborative action against striptease shows 1994 Boffa, J. George, C. Tsey, K. Journal article
813 Australian deaths in custody, 1980-1989: 1 Relative risks of Aborigines and non-Aborigines 1993 Thomson, N. McDonald, D. Journal article
814 Australian deaths in custody, 1980-1989: 2 Causes 1993 McDonald, D. Thomson, N. Journal article
815 Australian deaths in custody 1992 1993 McDonald, D. Howlett, C. Dalton, V. Report
816 National Police Custody Survey 1992: preliminary report 1993 McDonald, D. Report
817 David Biles and David McDonald [eds], 'Deaths in custody Australia, 1980-1989', Australian Institute of Criminology, Canberra, 1992 [book review] 1993 Lincoln, R. Journal article
818 South Australia health statistics chartbook. Supplement 4: Aboriginal health 1993 Kirke, K. Divakaran-Brown, C. Priest, K. Roder, D. Report
819 Deaths in juvenile detention 1993 Howlett, C. Report
820 Deaths of young people in police and prison custody and juvenile detention, 1980-1992 1993 Howlett, C. Report
Last updated: 29 September 2016
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