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71 Teaching and learning ethics: is there an Aboriginal bioethic? 2004 Garvey, G. Towney, P. McPhee, J. R. Little, M. Kerridge, I. H. Journal article
72 A partnership model for ethical Indigenous research 2004 De Crespigny, C. Emden, C. Kowanko, I. Murray, H. Journal article
73 Values and ethics: guidelines for ethical conduct in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research 2003 National Health and Medical Research Council Report
74 Ethical research in Indigenous contexts and the practical implementation of it: guidelines for ethical research versus the practice of research 2003 Gower, G. Report
75 Ethical principles and guidelines for Indigenous research 2002 Walker, R. Report
76 Dirty questions: Indigenous health and 'Western research' 2001 Humphery, K. Journal article
77 Keeping the bastards at bay: Indigenous community responses to research 2001 Mack, L. Gower, G. Conference presentation
78 Political theory between two traditions: ethical challenges and one possibility 2001 Brigg, M. Conference presentation
79 Moral geographies : ethics in a world of difference 2000 Smith, D.M. Book
80 Guidelines on ethical matters in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research 1991 National Health and Medical Research Council Book
Last updated: 30 September 2016
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