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No Title Year Author Type
641 Roma ATSIC region: Indigenous health profile 1997 Vysma, T. Carson, A. Murphy, V. Moore, G. See-kee, F. Fraser, D. Williams, F. Brady, K. Runciman, C. Report
642 Smoking-caused deaths and hospitalisation in Western Australia, by health services 1997 Unwin, E. Codde, J. Saunders, P. Report
643 Respiratory signs in Aboriginal communities 1997 Thompson, J. Journal article
644 Risk factors for Aboriginal low birthweight, intrauterine growth retardation and preterm birth in the Darwin Health Region 1997 Sayers, D. Powers, J. Journal article
645 Minimising the harm from nicotine addiction 1997 Roche, A. M. Ober, C. Journal article
646 Rethinking smoking among Aboriginal Australians: the harm minimisation-abstinence conundrum 1997 Roche, A. M. Ober, C. Journal article
647 Hospitalisation for respiratory tract diseases in Western Australia, 1988-1993: a comparison of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal hospital admission patterns 1997 Office of Aboriginal Health Report
648 The health of the people of New South Wales: report of the Chief Health Officer 1997 New South Wales Health Report
649 Promoting the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Communities: case studies and principles of good practice 1997 National Health and Medical Research Council Report
650 Maningrida 'Be Smoke Free' project 1997 Johnston, F. Beecham, R. Dalgleish, P. McMullen, T. Conference presentation
Last updated: 21 April 2014
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