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No Title Year Author Type
631 Chlamydia trachomatis infections in female tertiary students 1993 Dhupelia, D. King, L. Journal article
632 Fighting the stereotypes 1993 Delahunty, B. Journal article
633 Tropical health: medicine in tropical Australia 1993 Currie, B. Journal article
634 Torres Strait Islander health care: doing it differently and doing it well 1993 Campbell, D. Ellis, R. Journal article
635 Locally acquired HIV infection in a Northern Territory Aborigine 1993 Bowden, F. Patel, A. Journal article
636 Antenatal screening for HIV 1993 Bowden, F. Journal article
637 Screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STD) 1993 Bowden, F. Journal article
638 Assessing the extent of the Australian HIV epidemic from AIDS surveillance data 1993 Becker, N. Watson, L. Marschner, I. Motika, M. Newstead, S. Carlin, J. Journal article
639 HTLV-1 among Northern Territory Aborigines 1993 Bastian, I. Hinuma, Y. Doherty, R. Journal article
640 NT Aborigine first to acquire HIV locally 1993 Australian Doctor Journal article
Last updated: 2 July 2016
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