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Kidney health
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631 Roma ATSIC region: Indigenous health profile 1997 Vysma, T. Carson, A. Murphy, V. Moore, G. See-kee, F. Fraser, D. Williams, F. Brady, K. Runciman, C. Report
632 End stage renal disease (ESRD) in Aboriginal Australians in the "Top End" of the Northern Territory 1997 Silva, D. Pugsley, D. Snelling, P. Hoy, W. Book section
633 The health of the people of New South Wales: report of the Chief Health Officer 1997 New South Wales Health Report
634 Treatment program for kidney disease in an Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory [unpublished] 1997 Menzies School of Health Research Report
635 Screening for renal disease and other chronic diseases in Aboriginal adults and preliminary experience of a medical intervention program [unpublished] 1997 Hoy, W. Unpublished work
636 A question of realities 1997 Goss, A. Book section
637 Coordinated care trials:diabetes 1997 Department of health and Aged Care Report
638 Paediatric urolithiasis in a remote Australian Aboriginal community 1996 Williams, W. Nicholas, J. Nungurrayi, P. Napurrula, C. Journal article
639 Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula area adult health screening report 1996 Queensland Health Report
640 The health of the people of New South Wales: report of the Chief Health Officer 1996 New South Wales Health Report
Last updated: 31 March 2015
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