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591 Molecular epidemiology of impetiginous group A streptococcal infections in Aboriginal communities of northern Australia 1996 Gardiner, D. L. Sriprakash, K. S. Journal article
592 Determinants of CAPD peritonitis rates in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal patients 1996 Feutrill, J. Thomas, L. Lazberger, J. et al Journal article
593 Living on medicine: social and cultural dimensions of end stage renal disease among Aboriginal people of Central Australia 1996 Devitt, J. McMasters, T. Conference presentation
594 Congress renal project 1996 Devitt, J. McMasters, T. Journal article
595 Research as anti-social activity [abstract] 1996 Devitt, J. Conference presentation
596 Premature mortality in Aboriginal adults in the Northern Territory, 1979-1991 1996 Cunningham, J. Condon, J. R. Journal article
597 Haemolytic-uraemic syndrome in Western Australian, 1980 to 1994 1996 Cameron, C. Gracey, M. Penman, A. G. Journal article
598 Renal disease and HTLV-1 infection in Central Australian Aborigines 1996 Burton, P. Soden, V. Kirubakaran, M. Conference presentation
599 Medical reductionism in the Northern Territory: a problem for Aboriginal health: John's reply to Wendy and Johnathon 1996 Boffa, J. Journal article
600 Medical reductionism in the Northern Territory: a problem for Aboriginal health 1996 Boffa, J. Journal article
Last updated: 2 April 2015
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