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No Title Year Author Type
561 Services for disabled people in the cross border region of the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia [unpublished] 1993 Barker, R. Report
562 Neporendi : some features of social health and social action amongst Aboriginal people of the southern metropolitan region of Adelaide 1993 Brice, G. Baum, F. Abbott, D. Clarke, B. Murtagh, M. Report
563 Trachoma and visual impairment in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara of South Australia 1992 Stocks, N. Thesis
564 Fifth report of the Maternal, Perinatal and Infant Mortality Committee: on maternal, perinatal and post-neonatal deaths in 1990 1992 South Australian Health Commission Report
565 Sexually transmitted diseases in South Australia. 1992 Public and Environmental Health Division South Australian Health Commission Report
566 Pregnancy outcome in South Australia 1990 1992 Chan, A. Scott, J. McCaul, R. Report
567 Pregnancy outcome in South Australia 1991 1992 Chan, A. Scott, J. McCaul, R. Report
568 A perinatal perspective on South Australia in the 1980s 1992 Chan, A. Roder, D. Priest, K. Estermann, A. Journal article
569 Teenage pregnancy in South Australia, 1986-1988 1991 Zhang, B. Chan, A. Journal article
570 Overview of Aboriginal health status in South Australia 1991 Thomson, N. Briscoe, N. Report
Last updated: 28 June 2016
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