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Kidney health
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No Title Year Author Type
541 State Aboriginal Renal Project 2000 Coulthard, G. Conference presentation
542 End-stage renal disease (ESRD) in Aborigines in New South Wales: demography and outcomes 1987-1998 [abstract] 2000 Cass, A. Gillin, A. Journal article
543 Challenging Aboriginal health 2000 Bell, S. Larkin, C. Townsend, J. Journal article
544 Towards evaluation of cost-effectiveness of a treatment program for renal disease in Australian Aborigines [abstract] 2000 Baker, P. R. A. Hoy, W. E. Kelly, A. Wang, Z. Zhao, Y. Journal article
545 Health economic evaluation: cost analysis of dialysis treatments for patients with end stage renal disease in the Northern Territory 2000 You, J. Thesis
546 Renal dimensions in Aboriginal children: a sonographic evaluation 1999 Singh, G. White, A. Spencer, J. Wang, Z. Hoy, W. Conference presentation
547 Renal dimensions in Aboriginal children: a sonic evaluation [abstract] 1999 Singh, G. White, A. Spencer, J. Wang, Z. Hoy, W. Journal article
548 Background information and a guide on nutrition-related diseases in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 1999 National Health and Medical Research Council Report
549 Physical and biochemical predictors of death in an Australian Aboriginal cohort 1999 McDonald, S. P. Wang, Z. Hoy, W. E. Journal article
550 The DD genotype of the angiotensin-converting enzyme gene occurs in very low frequency in Australian Aboriginals 1999 Lester, S. Heatley, S. Bardy, P. Bahnisch, J. Bannister, K. Faull, R. Clarkson, A. Journal article
Last updated: 25 August 2016
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