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No Title Year Author Type
541 Getting real: the final report of the review of the Commonwealth/State disability agreement: the executive summary 1996 Yeatman, A. Book
542 Caring for Aboriginal people with disabilities 1996 Wolstenholme, R. Journal article
543 One year of the remote areas disabilities brokerage 1996 Walker, J. Report
544 A voice for all: advocacy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability 1996 Smeaton, T. Report
545 Aboriginal community action on disability: developing accessible services for people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island background 1996 Sinor, S. Report
546 Aged care service use by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 1996 Jenkins, A. Journal article
547 Why Aboriginal people under-utilize the Commonweath Rehabilitation Service 1996 Jarvinen, G. Report
548 Too late tomorrow: exploring community based rehabilitation 1996 Glynn, R. Report
549 Issues in developing programs for Aboriginal people with disabilities 1996 Gething, L. Report
550 Machado-Joseph disease in East Arnhem Land, Australia: expanded repeat confirmed in four families 1996 Burt, T. Currie, B. Kilburn, C. Lethlean, A. K. Dempsey, K. Blair, I. Cohen, A. Nicholson, G. Journal article
Last updated: 27 September 2016
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