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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

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Kidney health
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521 Renal diseases in Australian Aborigines 2001 Hoy, W. van Buynder, P. Mathews, J. You, J. Baker, P. Wang, Z. Book section
522 Glomerular size and glomerulosclerosis in Australian Aboriginies 2000 Young, R. J. Hoy, W. E. Kincaid-Smith, P. Seymour, A. E. Bertram, J. F. Journal article
523 A search for early signs of kidney disease in Aboriginal children in New South Wales 2000 Thompson, D. Williams, R. Knight, J. Journal article
524 Is low birth weight linked to renal disease through impaired nephrogenesis? Birth weight and renal volume in Aboriginal children [abstract] 2000 Spencer, J. Hoy, W. E. Wang, Z. Tipiloura, E. Tipiloura, E. Kerinaiua, J. Hayhurst, B. Journal article
525 A preventive model for Aboriginal renal disease [abstract] 2000 Shephard, M. D. S. Hargreaves, J. Allen, G. Paizis, K. Barratt, L. J. Braun, J. Journal article
526 The Umoona Kidney Project 2000 Shephard, M. Brown, M. Hudson, M. Riessen, C. Braun, J. Journal article
527 Albuminuria in Australian Aboriginal people: prevalence and associations with components of the metabolic syndrome 2000 Rowley, K. G. Iser, D. M. Best, J. D. O'Dea, K. Leonard, D. McDermott, R. Journal article
528 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 2000 NSW Health Department Report
529 The health of the people of New South Wales: report of the Chief Health Officer, 2000 2000 NSW Health Department Report
530 Nutrition in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: an information paper 2000 National Health and Medical Research Council Book
Last updated: 26 September 2016
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