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No Title Year Author Type
491 Petrol sniffer's encephalopathy 1994 Currie, B. Burrow, J. Fisher, D. Howard, D. McEiver, M. Burns, C. Conference presentation
492 Unleaded petrol: a useful harm-reduction strategy for petrol sniffers? 1994 Burns, C. B. Currie, B. J. Powers, J. R. Conference presentation
493 Elevated serum creatine kinase [CK-MM] in petrol sniffers using leaded or unleaded fuel 1994 Burns, C. Powers, J. Currie, B. Journal article
494 Petrol sniffing down the track [letter] 1994 Burns, C. Currie, B. Currie, J. Maruff, P. Journal article
495 A study of chelation therapy for petrol sniffers 1994 Burns, C. Currie, B. Conference presentation
496 Petrol sniffer's encephalopathy and lead exposure [letter] 1994 Burns, C. Burt, T. Currie, B. Journal article
497 Petrol sniffing down the track [editorial] 1994 Brady, M. Torzillo, P. Journal article
498 Proceedings of workshop on lead and hydrocarbon toxicity from chronic petrol inhalation, 5-6 May 1994, Alice Springs 1994 Edited book
499 An overview of the prevalence of petrol sniffing and related mortality 1994 Brady, M. Conference presentation
500 Chelation - general issues and new agents 1994 Alperstein, G. Conference presentation
Last updated: 20 April 2014
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