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No Title Year Author Type
31 Improving the accessibility of health services in urban and regional settings for Indigenous people 2013 Ware, V-A. Report
32 South Australia: a better place to live 2013 SA Health Report
33 Longitudinal patterns of breast cancer screening: mammography, clinical, and breast self examinations in a rural and urban setting 2013 Leung, J. McKenzie, S. Martin, J. Dobson, A. McLaughlin, D. Journal article
34 Policing alcohol and illicit drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in metropolitan environments 2013 Cussen, T. Payne, J. Marks, D. Report
35 The National Empowerment Project Redfern, Sydney 2013 Ingram, D. Taylor, N. Butorac, A. Cox, A. Dudgeon, P. Swift, S. Report
36 Understanding coastal urban and peri-urban Indigenous people’s vulnerability and adaptive capacity to climate change: final report 2013 Low, D. Clarke, P. Jones, D. Serrao-Neumann, S. Hales, R. Koschade, O. Report
37 Evaluating the effectiveness of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's fitness program : a pragmatic randomised controlled trial 2013 Canuto, K. Thesis
38 An urban Aboriginal health and wellbeing program: participant perceptions 2013 Andrews, Y. Thesis
39 Context, diversity and engagement: early intervention with Australian Aboriginal families in urban and remote contexts 2012 Robinson, G. Tyler, W. Jones, Y. Silburn, S. Zubrick, S.R. Journal article
40 ‘It's more than just having a baby' women's experiences of a maternity service for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families 2012 Homer, C.S.E. Foureur, M.J. Allendeb, T. Pekin, F. Caplice, S. Catling-Paull, C. Journal article
Last updated: 30 September 2016
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