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No Title Year Author Type
61 Supporting carers to care for our children 2013 Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Electronic source
62 Aboriginal cultural competence for health services in regional Victoria: lessons for implementation [letter] 2013 Tynan, M. Smullen, F. Atkinson, P. Stephens, K. Journal article
63 Indigenous Australians and health: the wombat in the room 2013 Edited book
64 Values, voice and choice : Western Arrernte outstation engagement in the Northern Territory intervention 2013 Kennedy, A.E. Thesis
65 Living texts: a perspective on published sources, Indigenous research methodologies and Indigenous worldviews 2013 Kwaymullina, A. Kwaymullina, B. Butterly, L. Terra Rosa Cultural Heritage Management Journal article
66 The impact of 'doomed race' assumptions in the administration of Queensland's Indigenous population by the Chief Protectors of Aboriginals from 1897 to 1942 2013 Holland, R.C. Thesis
67 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples perspectives on homelessness: discussion paper 2013 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
68 Larrakia calendar 2013 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) Traditional Owners Electronic source
69 Learning from both sides: experiences and opportunities in the investigation of Australian Aboriginal medicinal plants 2013 Simpson, B.S. Claudie, D.J. Smith, N.M. McKinnon, R.A. Semple, S.J. Journal article
70 ‘We don't leave our identities at the city limits' : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in urban localities 2013 Fredericks, B. Journal article
71 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander worldviews and cultural safety transforming sexual assault service provision for children and young people 2013 Funston L. Journal article
72 Whose voice counts? Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in child protection decision-making 2013 Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Report
73 Contextualizing mental health nursing encounters in Australian remote Aboriginal communities: part I, history and customs 2013 Trueman, S.W.T. Journal article
74 Aborigines, colonizers and newcomers: the landscape of transcultural psychiatry research in Australia 2013 Zubaran, C. Foresti, K. de Moore, G. Journal article
75 Understanding the perceptions and needs of staff regarding cultural competence in the care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in maternity care at the Townsville Hospital 2013 Boswell, S. Cadet-James, Y. Journal article
76 They've given me that many tablets, I'm bushed. I don't know where I'm going 2013 Swain, L. Barclay, L. Journal article
77 Mentoring programs for Indigenous youth at risk 2013 Ware, V-A. Report
78 Spirituality and religion in response to substance misuse among Indigenous Australians 2013 d'Abbs, P. Chenhall, R. Journal article
79 Midwives knowledge of perinatal care to Australian Indigenous women 2013 Strain, T. Journal article
80 Exploring the experiences of Indigenous women and Indigenous students who participated in a ‘follow through' journey within a Bachelor of Midwifery Program 2013 Kelly, J. West, R. Gamble, J. Sidebotham, M. Carson, V. Duffy, E. Journal article
Last updated: 2 December 2016
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