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No Title Year Author Type
61 Report of the Chief Public Officer: the state of public health for South Australia 2012 2013 SA Health Report
62 Pneumococcus in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders: the role of Aboriginal Health Workers and implications for nursing practice 2013 Deek, H. Abbott, P. Moore, L. Davison, J. Cameron, S. DiGiacomo, M. McGrath, S.J. Dharmendra, T. Davidson, P.M. Journal article
63 Bronchiectasis exacerbation study on azithromycin and amoxycillin-clavulanate for respiratory exacerbations in children (BEST-2): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial 2013 Chang, A.B. Grimwood, K. Wilson, A.C. van Asperen, P.P. Byrnes, C.A. O’Grady, K.F. Sloots, T.P. Robertson, C.F. Torzillo, P.J. B McCallum, G.B. Masters, I.B. Buntain, H.M. Mackay, I.M. Ungerer, J. Tuppin, J. Morris, P.S. Online journal article
64 The South Australia health chronic disease self-management Internet trial 2013 Lorig, K. Ritter, P.L. Plant, K. Laurent, D.D. Kelly, P. Rowe, S. Journal article
65 A model for improving obstructive lung disease care for Aboriginal Australians living in remote Australia 2013 Cooksley, N. Maguire, G. Atkinson, D. Woolley, T. Conference presentation
66 Epidemiology of tuberculosis and levels of vitamin D in Australia: person, place and time [letter] 2013 MacLachlan, J.L. Cowie, B.C. Journal article
67 Invasive pneumococcal disease 2013 Gunaratnem, P.J. Gilmour, R.E. Lowbridge, C. McIntyre, P.B. Journal article
68 National immunisation strategy for Australia 2013-2018 2013 Australian Department of Health Immunise Australian Program Report
69 Incidence of acute respiratory infections in Australia 2013 Chen, Y. Kirk, M.D. Journal article
70 The contribution of influenza and other respiratory viruses to the burden of pneumonia among Indigenous children in the Top End of the Northern Territory 2013 Bar-Zeev, N. Thesis
71 Success stories for managing chronic conditions – respiratory health 2013 Flinders Closing the Gap Program Report
72 Influenza epidemiology, vaccine coverage and vaccine effectiveness in sentinel Australian hospitals in 2012: the Influenza Complications Alert Network (FluCAN) 2013 Cheng, A.C. Brown, S.G. Waterer, G.W. Holmes, M. Senenayake, S. Friedman, N.D. Hewagama, S. Simpson, G. Wark, P.A. Upham, J.W. Korman, T.M. Dwyer, D.E. Wood-Baker, R. Irving, L.B. Bowler, S.D. Kotsimbos, T. Kelly, P.M. Journal article
73 Invasive pneumococcal disease surveillance Australia, 1 April to 30 June 2013 2013 Bareja, C. Journal article
74 Invasive pneumococcal disease surveillance Australia, 1 July to 30 September 2013 2013 de Kluyver, R. Journal article
75 An empirical study of resilient psychosocial functioning amongst a population of Western Australia Aboriginal young people 12-17 years 2013 Hopkins, K.D. Thesis
76 Tuberculosis in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 2013 Budden, L. Mason, M. Journal article
77 Haemophilus influenza type b invasive infection: CDNA national guidelines for public health units 2013 Communicable Disease Network Australia Report
78 Summary of Indigenous women's health 2013 Burns, J. MacRae, A. Thomson, N. Anomie Catto, M. Gray, C. Levitan, L. McLoughlin, N. Potter, C. Ride, K. Stumpers, S. Trzesinski, A. Urquhart, B. Report
79 ACT chronic conditions strategy - improving care and support: 2013 - 2018 2013 ACT Health Report
80 South Australian lung cancer pathway: optimising outcomes for all South Australians diagnosed with lung cancer 2013 Lung Cancer Working Group Report
Last updated: 23 February 2018
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