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No Title Year Author Type
61 Closing the gap in Aboriginal health outcomes initiative: evaluation progress report 2012 Grealy, C. Kurti, L. URBIS Report
62 Antibiotics for bronchiectasis exacerbations in children: rationale and study protocol for a randomised placebo-controlled trial 2012 Chang, A.B. Grimwood, K. Robertson, C.F. Wilson, A.C. van Asperen, P.P. O’Grady, K.F. Sloots, T.P. Torzillo, P.J. Bailey, E.J. McCallum, G.B. Masters, I.B. Byrnes, C.B. Chatfield, B.D. Buntain, H.M. Mackay, I.M. Morris, P.S. Online journal article
63 The molecular epidemiology of the highly virulent ST93 Australian community staphylococcus aureus strain 2012 Coombs, G.W. Goering, R.V. Chua, K.Y.L. Monecke, S. Howden, B.P. Stinear, T.P. Ehricht, R. O'Brien, F.G. Christiansen, K.J. Online journal article
64 The strategic plan for the control of tuberculosis in Australia: 2011-2015 2012 National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee Journal article
65 Queensland Closing the Gap Quality Improvement Initiative: to improve coordinated care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with chronic disease in Queensland 2012 General Practice Queensland Report
66 National health policies and strategies 2012 Department of Health Electronic source
67 Best practice in early assessment and diagnosis of lung cancer: a rapid review 2012 Davidson, P. Luckett, T. Newton, P. Agar, M. Daly, L. Sibbritt, D. Report
68 The Northern Territory chronic conditions self-management framework 2012-2020 2012 Northern Territory Department of Health Report
69 Evidence relevant to the guide for the investigation of symptoms of lung cancer 2012 Cancer Australia Report
70 Newborn asthma and parental smoking project evaluation 2012 Asthma Foundation of WA Report
71 The COPD-X plan: Australian and New Zealand guidelines for the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: version 2.26 2011 McKenzie, D.K. Abramson, M. Crockett, A.J. Glasgow, N. Jenkins, S. McDonald, C. Wood-Baker, R. Frith, P.A. Report
72 Reduction in disparity for pneumonia hospitalisations between Australian indigenous and non-Indigenous children 2011 Moore, H.C. Lehmann, D. de Klerk, N. Jacoby, P. Richmond, P.C. Journal article
73 Changing epidemiology of invasive pneumococcal disease in Australian children after introduction of a 7-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine 2011 Williams, S.R. Mernagh, P.J. Lee, M.H.T. Tan, J.T. Journal article
74 Tuberculosis in the Australian Indigenous population: history, current situation and future challenges [editorial] 2011 Robertus, L.M. Konstantinos, A. Hayman, N.E. Paterson, D.L. Journal article
75 2009 adult vaccination survey: summary results 2011 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
76 Time trends and geographical variation in re-admissions for asthma in Australia 2011 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
77 Systematic review: estimation of global burden of non-suppurative sequelae of upper respiratory tract infection: rheumatic fever and post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis 2011 Jackson, S.J. Steer, A.C. Campbell, H. Journal article
78 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander companion document to the Statewide Cancer Control Plan (2011–2015) and Cancer Care Pathway 2011 The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee of the SA Cancer Clinical Network Report
79 Successful application of a simple specimen transport method for the conduct of respiratory virus surveillance in remote Indigenous communities in Australia 2011 O'Grady, K.A. Torzillo, P.J. Rockett, R.J. Whiley, D.M. Nissen, M.D. Sloots, T.P. Lambert, S.B. Journal article
80 ‘Healthy Starts Study'- helping to make Indigenous babies healthier 2011 Westphal, D.W. Thomas, D.P. Johnston, V. Journal article
Last updated: 22 November 2017
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