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61 A needs analysis of simulated learning environments in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander primary health care training 2013 Health Workforce Australia Report
62 The Northern Territory’s non-resident workforce - one census on 2013 Brokensha, H. Taylor, A. Carson, D. Journal article
63 A partnership approach to understanding barriers and enablers to Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) within Indigenous primary health care services in South Australia 2013 Newham, J. Scrimgeour, D. Ward, P. Petty, H. Bailie, R. Conference presentation
64 The Flinders AIMhi NT Chronic Conditions Self-Management Program: evaluation report 2013 2013 Kowanko, I. Kasteel, L. Battersby, M. Connors, C. Nagel, T. Trowbridge, C. Young, J. Liddle, H. Scope, H. Allan, D. Report
65 10 out of 10 deadly health stories: continuous quality improvement 2013 Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of New South Wales Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) program Electronic source
66 Improving developmental monitoring practices of remote Australian Aboriginal health workers 2013 D'Aprano, A. Thesis
67 Understanding the importance of cultural supervision and support for Aboriginal workers: a discussion paper brought to you by the Western Sydney Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Program 2013 Western Sydney Aboriginal Women’s Leadership Program Report
68 A clinical governance guide for remote and isolated health services in Australia 2013 CRANAplus Report
69 Make your own 2013 EarInfoNet Reference Group Electronic source
70 Hearing each other 2013 Howard, D. Nelson, S. Electronic source
71 Personal portfolio of training and continuing professional development for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers and health practitioners 2013 Greater Northern Area Regional Training Network Report
72 The health worker smoking study: Indigenous health workers' personal use of tobacco and its impact on their ability to provide smoking cessation interventions 2013 Thompson, M. Thesis
73 Creating cultural empathy and challenging attitudes through Indigenous narratives: final report 2013 2013 Rudd, C. Sim, M. Hayward, C. Wain, T. Report
74 Principles for a partnership-centred approach for NGOs working with Aboriginal Organisations and communities in the Northern Territory 2013 Aboriginal Peak Organisations of the Northern Territory Report
75 Owning solutions: a collaborative model to improve quality in hospital care for Aboriginal Australians 2012 Durey, A. Wynaden, D. Thompson, S.C. Davidson, P.M. Bessarab, D. Katzenellenbogen, J.M. Journal article
76 Exposing the hidden curriculum influencing medical education on the health of Indigenous people in Australia and New Zealand: The role of the Critical Reflection Tool 2012 Ewen, S. Mazel, O. Knoche, D. Journal article
77 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practice registration standards 2012 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Board of Australia Report
78 Knowledge, attitudes and other factors associated with assessment of tobacco smoking among pregnant Aboriginal women by health care providers: a cross-sectional survey 2012 Passey, M.E. D'Este, C.A. Sanson-Fisher, R.W. Online journal article
79 Supporting chronic disease self-management: translating policies and principles into clinical practice 2012 Higgins, R. Murphy, B. Worcester, M. Daffey, A. Journal article
80 Evaluation of the NSW Indigenous Diabetic Foot Program for health workers whose primary role is with Aboriginal people in the lower mid north coast 2012 Townsend, E. Report
Last updated: 19 February 2018
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