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61 Processes and outcomes for a successful engagement between a medical school and a remote Indigenous community in North Queensland, Australia 2013 Duffy, G. Ross, S.J. Woolley, T.S. Sivamalai, S. Whaleboat, D. Miller, A. Online journal article
62 Indigenous perspectives on active living in remote Australia: a qualitative exploration of the socio-cultural link between health, the environment and economics 2013 Thompson, S.L. Chenhall, R.D. Brimblecombe, J.K. Online journal article
63 A national study into the rural and remote pharmacist workforce 2013 Smith, J.D. White, C. Roufeil, L. Veitch, C. Pont, L. Patel, B. Battye, K. Luetsch, K. Mitchell, C. Online journal article
64 What primary health care services should residents of rural and remote Australia be able to access? A systematic review of 'core' primary health care services 2013 Carey, T.A. Wakerman, J. Humphreys, J.S. Buykx, P. Lindeman, M. Online journal article
65 AUStralian Indigenous Chronic Disease Optimisation Study (AUSI-CDS) prospective observational cohort study to determine if an established chronic disease health care model can be used to deliver better heart failure care among remote Indigenous Australians: proof of concept—study rationale and protocol 2013 Iyngkaran, P. Majoni, V. Nadarajan, K. Haste, M. Battersby, M. Ilton, M. Harris, M. Journal article
66 Impact of improvements to Indigenous identification in hospital data on patterns of hospitalised injury 2013 AIHW National Injury Surveillance Unit Report
67 Supporting rural/remote primary health care placement experiences increases undergraduate nurse confidence 2013 Bennett, P. Jones, D. Brown, J. Barlow, V. Journal article
68 The dental health of Australia's children by remoteness: Child Dental Health Survey Australia 2009 2013 Ha, D.H. Amarasena, N. Crocombe, L. Report
69 National rural and remote workforce innovation and reform strategy 2013 Health Workforce Australia Report
70 The West Australian Indigenous storybook : celebrating and sharing good news stories : the Mid-West / Pilbara edition 2013 Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA Book
71 Telehealth in primary health care settings within Australia and internationally 2013 Bywood, P. Raven, M. Butler, C. Report
72 Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory: six-monthly progress report 1 July 2012 to 30 December 2012 2013 Department of Families Housing Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Report
73 Health beliefs and behavior: the practicalities of “looking after yourself” in an Australian Aboriginal community 2013 Senior, K. Chenhall, R. Journal article
74 Acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease: incidence and progression in the Northern Territory of Australia 1997-2010 2013 Lawrence, J.G. Carapetis, J.R. Griffiths, K. Edwards, K. Condon, J.R. Journal article
75 The potential impact of new generation molecular point-of-care tests on gonorrhoea and chlamydia in a setting of high endemic prevalence 2013 Hui, B.B Wilson, D.P. Ward, J.S. Guy, R.J. Kaldor, J.M. Law, M.G. Hocking, J.S. Regan, D.G. Journal article
76 Food security and traditional foods in remote Aboriginal communities: a review of the literature 2013 Bussey, C. Online journal article
77 Adherence to management guidelines for growth faltering and anaemia in remote dwelling Australian aboriginal infants and barriers to health service delivery 2013 Bar-Zeev, S.J. Kruske, S.G. Barclay, L.M. Bar-Zeev, N. Kildea, S.V. Online journal article
78 Youth gangs in a remote Indigenous community: importance of cultural authority and family support 2013 Cunningham, T. Ivory, B. Chenhall, R. McMahon, R. Senior, K. Report
79 The Torres Indigenous Hip Hop Project: evaluating the use of performing arts as a medium for sexual health promotion 2013 McEwan, A. Crouch, A. Robertson, H. Fagan, P. Journal article
80 The role of community patrols in improving safety in Indigenous communities 2013 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Australian Institute of Family Studies Report
Last updated: 21 January 2018
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