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61 Surveillance of pneumococcal serotype 1 carriage during an outbreak of serotype 1 invasive pneumococcal disease in central Australia 2010–2012 2013 Lai, J.Y.R. Cook, H. Yip, T. Berthelsen, J. Gourley, S. Krause, V. Smith, H. Leach, A.J. Smith-Vaughan, H. Online journal article
62 Mentoring programs for Indigenous youth at risk 2013 Ware, V-A. Report
63 Risk of death for young ex-prisoners in the year following release from adult prison 2013 van Dooren, K. Kinner, S.A. Forsyth, S. Journal article
64 Snapshot 2013: children and young people in Queensland 2013 Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Report
65 Sexually transmissible infections among young people in Australia: an overview 2013 Middleton, M. McDonald, A. Journal article
66 The right to the good life: improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children 2013 Langton, M. Report
67 Indigenous young people leaving out of home care in Victoria: a literature review 2013 Baidawi, S. Mendes, P. Saunders, B. Journal article
68 Highlighting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research at The Kirby Institute 2013 The Kirby Institute Report
69 The social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous youth: reviewing and extending the evidence and examining its implications for policy and practice 2013 Haswell, M.R. Blignault, I. Fitzpatrick, S. Jackson Pulver, L. Report
70 Make a night, break a night: the experiences of Aboriginal youth around alcohol 2013 Wilson, M. Jones, J. Unpublished work
71 Drinking in the suburbs: the experiences of Aboriginal young people 2013 Wilson, M. Report
72 Youth programs in remote central Australian Aboriginal communities 2013 2013 Lindeman, M. Flouris, A. Lopes, J. Report
73 Aboriginal youth suicide in Central Australia: developing a consistent data system and referral pathway 2013 Taylor, K. Dingwall, K. Lindeman, M. Lopes, J. Grant, L. Report
74 Immunisation provider kit 2013 NSW Ministry of Health Report
75 Adolescent school-based vaccination in Australia 2013 Ward, K. Quinn, H. Bachelor, M. Bryant, V. Campbell-Lloyd, S. Newbound, A. Scully, M. Webby, R. McIntyre, P.B. Journal article
76 A history of adolescent school-based vaccination in Australia 2013 Ward, K. Quinn, H. Menzies, R. McIntyre, P. Journal article
77 DrugScan Series 2013 Leonie, A. Melanie, M. Mathew, R. Mark, N. Donna, B. Megumi, N Rachael, W. Rosemary, B. Journal article
78 The differential influence of contextual risks on psychosocial functioning and participation of Australian aboriginal youth 2013 Hopkins, K.D. Taylor, C.L. Zubrick, S.R. Journal article
79 Knowledge Circle: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child and family resources portal 2013 Australian Institute of Family Studies Electronic source
80 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescent sexual health guideline 2013 Nursing and Midwifery Office Queensland Cultural Capability Statewide Team Report
Last updated: 27 May 2017
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