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Overweight and obesity
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61 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health performance framework: 2012 report 2012 Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council Report
62 Malnutrition among Northern Territory children, 2011 2012 Li, L. Li, S.Q. Guthridge, S. Journal article
63 The health of Aboriginal people of NSW: report of the Chief Health Officer 2012 2012 New South Wales Centre for Epidemiology and Evidence Report
64 Guidelines for preventive activities in general practice 2012 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Book
65 Western Australian health promotion strategic framework 2012–2016 2012 Chronic Disease Prevention Directorate Report
66 Community-based obesity prevention initiatives in aboriginal communities: the experience of the Eat Well Be Active community programs in South Australia 2012 Wilson, A. Jones, M. Kelly, J. Magarey, A. Journal article
67 Evaluation of the NSW Knockout Weight Loss Challenge pilot project: final report - executive summary 2012 Cultural and Indigenous Research Centre Australia Report
68 Analyses of anthropometric data in the longitudinal study of Indigenous children and methodological implications 2012 Thurber, K.A. Thesis
69 Community-based interventions for obesity prevention: lessons learned by Australian policy-makers 2012 Haby, M.M. Doherty, R. Welch, N. Mason, V. Online journal article
70 Health and disease in the Aboriginal community: Northern NSW 2012 Douglas, M. Roberts, M. Cashmore, A. Lowbridge, C. Ireland, J. Roberts, D. Report
71 DAA best practice guidelines for the treatment of overweight & obesity in adults 2012 Dietitians Association of Australia Report
72 Caring for country was associated with positive health outcomes for Indigenous people living in remote areas of Northern Australia 2011 Kuipers, K. McIntosh, K. Paluch, T. Oke, L. Journal article
73 Prevalence and socio-demographic associations of overweight and obesity among children attending child-care services in rural and regional Australia 2011 Wolfenden, L. Hardy, L.L. Wiggers, J. Milat, A.J. Bell, C. Sutherland, R. Journal article
74 Young Australians: their health and wellbeing 2011 2011 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
75 Key indicators of progress for chronic disease and associated determinants: data report 2011 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
76 Life expectancy and mortality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2011 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
77 Possible association of high urinary magnesium and taurine to creatinine ratios with metabolic syndrome risk reduction in Australian Aboriginals 2011 Hamada,, A. Taguchi, T. Mori, H. Thorpe, M. Yamori, Y. Mori, M. Online journal article
78 Headline indicators for children's health, development and wellbeing 2011 2011 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
79 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health performance framework: 2010 report 2011 Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council Report
80 Taste disorders in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children: Links to otitis media and obesity 2011 Laing, D. Wilkes, F. Conference presentation
Last updated: 18 February 2018
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