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61 Cognitive recovery during and after treatment for volatile solvent abuse 2011 Dingwall, K.M. Maruff, P. Fredrickson, A. Cairney, S. Journal article
62 Strong spirit strong mind : Aboriginal drug and alcohol framework for Western Australia 2011- 2015 2011 Drug and Alcohol Office Report
63 Review of the impact of the AOD improved services initiative in Western Australia 2011 Western Australian Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies Report
64 Fuel, cars and the geography of petrol sniffing 2011 Brady, M. Journal article
65 AOD Indigenous Communities Project 2009-2011: final evaluation report 2011 Entwistle, P. Entwistle, D. Piper, K. Stothers, K. Centre for Remote Health Report
66 Whole-of-government Victorian alcohol and drug strategy: community consultation 2011 Victorian Department of Health Report
67 2011–2012 Queensland drug action plan 2011 Queensland Health Report
68 The Queensland Alcohol and Drug Research and Education Centre: annual report 2011 2011 Queensland Alcohol and Drug Research and Education Centre Report
69 DrugInfo 2011 Australian Drug Foundation Electronic source
70 Contested domains: regulating responses to volatile substance misuse in the Alice Springs town camps 2011 Marel, A. Thesis
71 Substance use and periodontal disease among Australian Aboriginal young adults 2010 Jamieson, L.M. Gunthorpe, W. Cairney, S.J. Sayers, S.M. Roberts-Thomson, K.F. Slade, G.D. Journal article
72 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social survey: users' guide, 2008 2010 Australian Bureau of Statistics Electronic source
73 Australian Government tackles petrol sniffing in remote WA 2010 Roxon, N. Snowdon, W. Macklin, J. Electronic source
74 Substance misuse and mental health among Aboriginal Australians 2010 Wilkes, E. Gray, D. Saggers, S. Casey, W. Stearne, A. Book section
75 Cost benefit analysis of legislation to mandate the supply of opal fuel in regions of Australia: final report 2010 South Australian Centre for Economic Studies Report
76 Indigenous-specific alcohol and other drug interventions: continuities, changes and areas of greatest need 2010 Gray, D. Stearne, A. Wilson, M. Doyle, M. Report
77 Aboriginal recommendations for substance use intervention programs 2010 Nichols, F. Journal article
78 Take the best from both cultures: an Aboriginal model for substance use prevention and intervention 2010 Nichols, F. Journal article
79 Detecting psychological symptoms related to substance use among Indigenous Australians 2010 Dingwall, K.M. Cairney, S. Journal article
80 New tools assess Indigenous substance abusers 2010 Dingwall, K. Cairney, S. Journal article
Last updated: 30 March 2017
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