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No Title Year Author Type
61 A national framework for recovery-oriented mental health services: guide for practitioners and providers 2013 Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council Report
62 A contributing life: the 2013 national report card on mental health and suicide prevention 2013 National Mental Health Commission Report
63 Children's rights report 2013 2013 Nicolson, S. Newell, S. Ball, L. Report
64 National practice standards for the mental health workforce 2013 2013 Victorian Government Department of Health Report
65 Specialist homelessness services: 2012-2013 2013 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
66 School readiness program for Aboriginal children with additional needs: working with children, families, communities and service providers. Interim evaluation report 2013 Purcal, C. Newton, B.J. Fisher, K.R. Eastman, C. Mears, T. Smith. M. Gibson, S. Report
67 Victoria's priorities for mental health reform 2013-2015 2013 Victorian Department of Health Report
68 Indigenous Australians, mental and cognitive impairment and the criminal justice system: a complex web 2013 MacGillivray, P. Baldry, E. Journal article
69 Introduction to acquired communication disorder following strokes and traumatic brain injury 2013 Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health Report
70 The invisible client: people with cognitive impairments in the Northern Territory’s Court of Summary Jurisdiction 2013 Rowley, M. Report
71 Disability, ageing and carers, Australia: summary of findings, 2012 2013 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
72 Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and training program for placement support workers in Tasmania: a pilot project 2013 National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Report
73 Time trends in socio-economic inequalities for women and men with disabilities in Australia: evidence of persisting inequalities 2013 Kavanagh, A.M. Krnkacki, L. Beer, A. Lamontagne, A.D. Bentley, R. Online journal article
74 Speaking out about disability: the views of Western Australian children and young people with disability 2013 Commissioner for Children and Young People Report
75 Community perspectives on vitamin D and bone health in three at-risk populations 2013 Vanlint, S.J. Thesis
76 Improving services with families: “a perfect project in an imperfect system” 2013 Evans, M. Report
77 Reducing vulnerability to harm in adults with cognitive disabilities in the Australian criminal justice system 2013 Baldry, E. Clarence, M. Dowse, L. Trollor, J. Journal article
78 Continuing systemic discrimination: Indigenous Australian women exiting prison 2013 Baldry, E. Book section
79 Indigenous disability: recent evidence 2013 Biddle, N. Conference presentation
80 National disability strategy 2010-2020: report to the Council of Australian Governments 2012 2013 Department of Families Housing Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Report
Last updated: 20 February 2018
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