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No Title Year Author Type
61 The NSW dementia services framework 2010-2015 2010 NSW Dementia Policy Team Report
62 Dementia in Aboriginal Australians [editorial] 2010 Henderson, S. Broe, G.A. Journal article
63 Lungurra Ngoora Community Care Service evaluation report 2010 Murphy, R. Report
64 Indigenous services study: Lungurra Ngoora Community Care final report 2010 Carrol, E. Smith, K. Flicker, L. LoGiudice, D. Shadforth, G. Ralph, N. Lindeman, M. Almeida, O. Atkinson, D. Shaper, F. Lautenschlager, N. Report
65 Interim evaluation of the Northern Territory Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community aged care workforce development projects: final report 2010 Department of Health and Ageing Report
66 Dementia care and best practice in rural and remote settings: a literature review 2010 Smith, K. LoGiudice, D. Flicker, L. Report
67 Person-centred care as caring for country: an Indigenous Australian experience 2010 McMillan, F. Kampers, D. Traynor, V. Dewing, J. Journal article
68 Assessing cognitive impairment in Indigenous Australians: re-evaluation of the Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment in Western Australia and the Northern Territory 2009 Smith, K. Flicker, L. Dwyer, A. Marsh, G. Mahajani, S. Almeida, O. Lautenschlager, N. Atkinson, D. LoGiudice, D. Journal article
69 Healthy country, healthy people: the relationship between Indigenous health status and “caring for country” 2009 Burgess, C.P. Johnston, F.H. Berry, H.L. McDonnell, J. Yibarbuk, D. Gunabarra, C. Mileran, A. Bailie, R.S. Journal article
70 Assessment and prevalence of dementia in Indigenous Australians 2009 Smith, K. Thesis
71 Keeping dementia front of mind: incidence and prevalence 2009-2050 2009 Access Economics Report
72 Ageing, health transitions and dementia in Aboriginal people: a life cycle approach 2009 Broe, T. Jackson Pulver, L. Conference presentation
73 Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultural considerations for BPSD best practice management project 2009 Ingrames, M. Conference presentation
74 Indigenous dementia: too much, too young? 2009 Strivens, E. Conference presentation
75 Transitions in care of people with dementia: a systematic review of the literature 2009 Runge, C. Gilham, J. Peut, A. Report
76 Health service framework for older people 2009-2016 2009 Statewide Service Strategy Division Report
77 Australia's health 2008: the eleventh biennial health report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2008 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
78 A profile of carers in Australia 2008 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
79 Men and memory loss 2008 Woods, S. Journal article
80 High prevalence of dementia and cognitive impairment in Indigenous Australians 2008 Smith, K. Flicker, L. Lautenschlager, N.T. Almeida, O.P. Atkinson, D. Dwyer, A. LoGiudice, D. Journal article
Last updated: 19 March 2018
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