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381 Exploring the epidemiological characteristics of cancers of unknown primary site in an Australian population: implications for research and clinical care 2008 Luke, C. Koczwara, B. Karapetis, C. Pittman, K. Price, T. Kotasek, D. Beckman, K. Brown, M.P. Roder, D. Journal article
382 Indigenous demography and the regional and remote nursing workforce 2008 Bolton, T. Journal article
383 Waiting for care 2008 Hargreaves, J. Conference presentation
384 Lives of diversity: Indigenous Australia 2008 Walter, M. Report
385 Injury of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people due to transport, 2001-02 to 2005-06 2008 Harrison, J. E. Berry, J. G. Report
386 Burden of disease and injury in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples: the Indigenous health gap 2008 Vos, T. Barker, B. Begg, S. Stanley, L. Lopez, A.D. Journal article
387 Whose health? How population groups vary 2008 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report section
388 Indigenous population projections New South Wales 2006 to 2021: by Aboriginal Land Council regions 2008 Khalidi, N.A. Report
389 Fractional identities: the political arithmetic of Aboriginal Victorians 2008 Smith, L. McCalman, J. Anderson, I. Smith, S. Evans, J. McCarthy, G. Beer, J. Journal article
390 Australian Aboriginal population genetics at the D1S80 VNTR locus 2007 Walsh, S.J. Eckhoff, C. Journal article
Last updated: 19 September 2014
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