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Oral health
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361 Focal epithelial hyperplasia: report of a case in an Australian Aborigine 1971 Adkins, K. F. Campbell, A. F. Journal article
362 Occurrence of dental fluorosis in Australian Aboriginal children resident in Carnarvon, Western Australia 1970 Kailis, D. G. Silva, D. G. Journal article
363 Skeletal maturity and facial growth assessment 1970 Brown, T. Journal article
364 Facial growth patterns and co-ordination 1969 Brown, T. Journal article
365 Developmental aspects of occlusion 1969 Brown, T. Journal article
366 Functioning occlusion 1969 Barrett, M. J. Journal article
367 Mesh diagram analysis of facial morphology in young adult Australian Aborigines 1968 McNulty, E. C. Barrett, M. J. Brown, T. Journal article
368 Physiology of the mandibular articulation 1965 Brown, T. Journal article
369 Temporomandibular joints: part 1, biological factors related to mandibular movements and positions 1963 Brown, T. Reade, P. C. Journal article
370 Observations on the teeth of Australian Aborigines 1936 Campbell, T.D. Gray, J.H. Journal article
Last updated: 29 September 2016
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