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No Title Year Author Type
311 Hepatitis B vaccination policy in the Northern Territory 1997 Northern Territory Communicable Diseases Bulletin Journal article
312 The National Indigenous Australians' sexual health strategy 1996-97 to 1998-99: a report of the ANCARD Working Party on Indigenous Australian's sexual health 1997 ANCARD Working Party on Indigenous Australians' Sexual Health Report
313 Environmental health in transition: a mismatch between structural and behavioural change in the Torres Strait [abstract] 1996 Nona, H. Dyke, T. Henderson, G. Conference presentation
314 The incidence of hepatitis B infection in Australia: an epidemiological review 1996 Kaldor, J. Plant, A. Thompson, S. Longbottom, H. Rowbottom, J. Journal article
315 Hepatitis A and water supply in the Torres Strait area 1996 Henderson, G. McKenna, P. Kingsley, A. Little, R. Sorby, A. Jacobson, G. Fischer, G. Journal article
316 Good seroconversion after a fourth hepatitis B vaccination in Aboriginal children [letter] 1995 Wan, X. Guthridge, S. Green, M. Currie, B. J. Mathews, J. D. Journal article
317 Responding to hepatitis C: what do Aboriginal health services need to consider 1995 Homes, W. Journal article
318 Incident cases of Hepatitis A in the Torres Strait area during the period 1984-1994, and their relationship to rainfall [abstract] 1995 Henderson, G. McKenna, P. Fischer, G. Jacobson, G. Conference presentation
319 Immunity to hepatitis B, poliomyelitis and measles in fully vaccinated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island children 1995 Hanna, J. Sexton, W. Faoagali, J. Buda, P. Kennet, M. Brussen, K. Journal article
320 Hepatitis A and its prevention 1995 Ferson, M. Journal article
Last updated: 7 October 2015
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