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No Title Year Author Type
21 fast tracking access to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health literature 2014 Tieman, J.J. Lawrence, M.A. Damarell, R.A. Sladek, R.M. Nikolof, A. Journal article
22 Aboriginal health research is not black and white: Aboriginal research for beginners - lessons from the field 2014 Jalla, C. Hayden, G. Journal article
23 Ethics overload: impact of excessive ethical review on comorbidity research 2014 Posselt, M. Galletly, C. de Crespigny, C. Cairney, I. Moss, J. Liu, D. Francis, H. Kelly, J. Procter, N. Banders, A. Journal article
24 Aboriginal health research in the remote Kimberley: an exploration of perceptions, attitudes and concerns of stakeholders 2014 Mc Loughlin, F. Hadgraft, N.T. Atkinson, D. Marley, J.V. Online journal article
25 The Aboriginal Mothers in Prison project: an example of how consultation can inform research practice 2014 Wilson, M.M. Jones, J. Gilles, M. Journal article
26 Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal health service 1988-2014: breaking barriers in Aboriginal research and services 2014 Tongs, J. Poroch, N. Journal article
27 The quantity, quality and characteristics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian mentoring literature: a systematic review 2014 Bainbridge, R. Tsey, K. McCalman, J. Towle, S. Online journal article
28 Footprints in time: the longitudinal study of Indigenous children: up and running 2014 Skelton, F. Barnes, S. Kikkawa, D. Walter, M. Journal article
29 Improving the quality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care: what the research shows 2014 Menzies School of Health Research Report
30 Methodological challenges and options for addressing them in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research 2014 Smith, B.J. Carson, K.V. Journal article
Last updated: 26 September 2016
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