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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

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21 Aboriginal Australians' experience of social capital and its relevance to health and wellbeing in urban settings 2013 Browne-Yung, K. Ziersch, A. Baum, F. Gallaher, G. Journal article
22 The role of an Aboriginal women's group in meeting the high needs of clients attending outpatient alcohol and other drug treatment 2013 Lee, K.S.K. Dawson, A. Conigrave, K.M. Journal article
23 ‘We don't leave our identities at the city limits' : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in urban localities 2013 Fredericks, B. Journal article
24 The maternal and neonatal outcomes for an urban Indigenous population compared with their non-Indigenous counterparts and a trend analysis over four triennia 2013 Kildea, S. Stapleton, H. Murphy, R. Kosiak, M. Gibbons, K. Online journal article
25 Self-concepts and educational outcomes of Indigenous Australian students in urban and rural school settings 2013 Yeung, A.S. Craven, R.G. Ali, J. Journal article
26 They've given me that many tablets, I'm bushed. I don't know where I'm going 2013 Swain, L. Barclay, L. Journal article
27 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet workshops summary evaluation report 2013 Catto, M. Report
28 Drinking in the suburbs: the experiences of Aboriginal young people 2013 Wilson, M. Report
29 CAEPR Indigenous population project 2011 census papers: residential segregation: income and housing dimensions 2013 Biddle, N. Report
30 Characteristics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander presentations to three Victorian emergency departments 2013 Martin, C. Smith, T. Graudins, A. Braitberg, G. Chapman, R. Journal article
Last updated: 26 September 2016
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