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No Title Year Author Type
41 Tuberculosis (TB) 2008 Krause, V. Book section
42 Tuberculosis in Australia: bacteriologically confirmed cases and drug resistance, 2006: a report of the Australian Mycobacterium Reference Laboratory Network 2008 Lumb, R. Bastian, I. Gilpin, C. Jeffs, P. Keehner, T. Sievers, A. Journal article
43 Tuberculosis control in Western Australia 2008 Parnell, A.E. Journal article
44 Summary of Indigenous Health: Tuberculosis 2008 Thomson, N. Burns, J. Journal article
45 Closing the gap - targets for indicator diseases 2008 Davis, S. Journal article
46 Top End TB outbreak 2008 Coleman, K Stephenson, E. Krause, V. Journal article
47 Guidelines for the control of tuberculosis in the Northern Territory: 4th edition 2008 Centre for Disease Control Report
48 Summary of tuberculosis among Indigenous peoples 2008 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Report
49 HTLV-1 infection and tuberculosis (TB) in Central Australian Aboriginal people 2007 Schultz, R. Journal article
50 Tuberculosis notifications in Australia, 2005 2007 Roche, P. Bastian, I. Krause, V. Journal article
51 Communicable diseases control manual 2007 Queensland Health Report
52 Changing patterns of tuberculosis in Far North Queensland [letter] 2006 Simpson, G. Clark, P. Knight, T. Journal article
53 Tuberculosis notifications in Australia, 2004 2006 Roche, P. National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee Journal article
54 The BCG vaccine: information and recommendations for use in Australia 2006 National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee Journal article
55 Northern Territory school screening 2003-2005 2006 Graham, J. Farmer, B. Kennon, H. Krause, V. Journal article
56 A rapid anthropological assessment of tuberculosis in a remote Aboriginal community in northern Australia 2006 Grace, J. Chenhall, R. D. Journal article
57 Australasian contact tracing manual: a practical handbook for health care providers managing people with HIV, viral hepatitis, other sexually transmissible infections (STIs) and HIV-related tuberculosis 2006 Australasian Society for HIV Medicine inc. Report
58 Results of contact tracing following transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in an urban itinerant Aboriginal population in Australia 2005 Wallace, T. Williams, M. Krause, V. Journal article
59 Summary of Indigenous health: selected communicable diseases 2005 Thomson, N. Burns, J. Journal article
60 Tuberculosis notifications in Australia, 2003 2004 Li, J. Roche, P. Spencer, J. National Tuberculosis Advisory Committee Journal article
Last updated: 24 November 2017
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